Beard wax

In addition to beard oil and beard balm there is also a beard wax. Especially if you... read more

In addition to beard oil and beard balm there is also a beard wax. Especially if you have a somewhat longer beard, beard wax is a perfect... read more

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Beard wax

In addition to beard oil and beard balm there is also a beard wax. Especially if you have a somewhat longer beard, beard wax is a perfect lubricant to control and style your beard hairs. A beard oil has more of a moisturizing and nourishing function, while you can shape your beard with a beard wax. Even better than with a beard balm.

A beard wax is a relatively hard substance and not liquid like the beard oil and beard balm. Beard wax usually consists of beeswax, (shea) butter, vaseline and a variety of natural oils. Incidentally, a natural beard wax always contains nourishing ingredients that make your beard shine and care for the skin.

What does Beard Wax do?

With a good beard wax it is possible to massage your beard into the right shape. If you want to optimally style the somewhat longer beard, you cannot do without this product. Fortunately, there is a wide range of traditionally produced beard wax available on the market.

There is also a wide range of very fine scents available. In addition to an elegant design, your beard can also smell formidable.

Tip: never use too much beard wax because then you walk around with a greasy hair cloth all day long. It is better to put in a little too little at first and add a little more wax later.

What is Beard Wax good for?

Unlike the best beard oil and beard balm you can knead the coarsest beard hairs into shape with a beard wax. In such a way that you can see it from a very sleek design. Purely because you wax the best with a beard hold creates.

In addition to the shape and scent varieties, the better beard wax can also nourish your beard with the best natural ingredients. Particularly important if you don't have much beard oil used. After all, a beard must be hydrated otherwise it will become bone dry and you will get skin problems, flakes and beard itch.

Please note: nourishing and moisturizing your beard hair and the underlying skin is best done with a good beard oil and/or beard balm.

How do you apply Beard Wax?

A beard wax is generally a solid substance. With your index finger or thumb, take a swipe from the jar and rub it into your fingers and palms until warm. Once it is an easily spreadable mass, you can massage it into your beard. By gently kneading the beard hairs you can easily model them.

You can choose from a beard wax with a medium hold so that you can actually remodel the beard all day long or possibly buy a beard wax with the so-called strong hold so that it can take a beating all day long and stays in shape .


For which beards is beard wax suitable?

A beard wax is suitable for medium to longer beards. And especially the beards that consist of stiff hairs that are difficult to get in line. Some sturdy beards have hairs that like to desert and you can't control them with an average beard balm.

And certainly not with a beard oil. No matter how chic this substance makes your pride shine and nourishes it to the root. So if you have a beard with a thick volume, it is best to buy a beard wax so that you have control over its shaping.

What is the difference between beard wax, beard oil and beard balm?

First of all, the beard oil is purely there to perfectly care for your beard and the underlying skin. If you have a beard, you cannot escape the use of traditional beard oil, preferably. That is the basis for a healthy beard. Unfortunately, you can't really style your beard with it. Then you are dependent on a beard balm or the beard wax discussed here.

The difference between these last two? A beard balm has a softer design and is easier to massage into the beard hair. With the beard balm you achieve a less strong hold than with a beard wax. Also read our article' What is the difference between beard oil and beard balm? Become a beard expert all the way.

Tip: A beard oil is great to use in combination with a beard balm and beard wax.

Which one should I use?

First of all, we are qua beard care of course real maniacs and we advise you to always a beard wax to use with only natural ingredients on board. Don't skimp on your beard wax. Especially because the beard hairs (and skin) are sensitive and need 100% TLC.

If you are going to torture the beard hairs with chemical 'paste', the holes in it and the risk of skin problems is very high. If you have not used beard wax yet, we recommend that you buy beard wax with a medium hold. Can you experiment with that first.

Favorite Beard Waxes

Of course we, as fervent beard fanatics, have our preferences when it comes to buying beard wax. One wishes a medium and the other colleague a strong hold. I myself like a beard wax with soft vanilla tones, but we also have one hillbilly walking around that total fan of a rum & smoke scent.


Most beard musketeers who wear a medium to long beard will always use a good beard wax to give it a stylish shape. Of course you don't walk with one fluffy device around. In addition to the natural resources, you can not forget about one beard comb to.

You need it anyway to remove tangles and residue from your beard hair. But also to mix beard oil better over the beard hairs and to keep the blood circulation of the underlying skin going.

If you have any questions about the best beard wax? Then you know where to find us. We're happy to help.

Good luck with grooming and styling your masculine beard!


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