How do I soften my beard?

Hoe maak ik mijn baard zachter?

The hardcore beard wearer knows that a beard needs TLC. You can't just grow a beard and assume it will feed itself and feel naturally soft. No. Natural resources are necessary for this.

What you need? In any case, a good moisturizing beard shampoo + beard conditioner . But also a nourishing beard oil and soothing beard balm. Without this juice it becomes difficult to comfortably wear a beard. If you don't maintain the beard, it becomes bone dry and the skin underneath becomes an accumulation of flakes and white flakes. Result :An itchy beard .

Step 1: Clean your beard with beard shampoo

Rule #1: Never wash your beard with a home garden and kitchen shampoo. With this you extract all the moisture from your beard hairs and they quickly turn into ultra dry tumbleweeds . The only soap you use to clean your beard is a real beard shampoo with moisturizing properties. Do not use it more than 3 times a week.

Beard hairs are much harder and drier than your head hair. The hair follicles in your face, unlike the scalp hair follicles, are unable to moisturize and nourish your beard. And: the longer your beard, the drier it becomes. If you also use the wrong shampoo, you will immediately notice that it is going wrong.

Check out the attached article ' Why you should use beard shampoo . We'll explain everything to you clearly.

Step 2: Take care of your beard with beard conditioner

Another tool to keep your beard hairs soft and smooth is to use a beard conditioner. The same applies here as for the beard shampoo: Don't take that bottle in your fists every day. In principle, the use of beard conditioner 3x a week is sufficient.

Of course you use the best beard conditioner there is. So no factory syrup with which you achieve the opposite. But you will notice that pretty quickly on your underlying skin. It goes into resistance. In the form of eczema and white flakes that in turn lead to dandruff and unprecedented beard itch.

Step 3: Use beard oil

One of the most important ingredients to bring and keep your beard alive is beard oil . Even with a short beard, a beard oil is the perfect lubricant to let the stiff beard hairs moustache peacefully.

Why does beard oil make your beard soft?

  • It moisturizes and nourishes the beard hairs down to the hair follicles and makes them comfortably soft
  • It soothes the skin so that you do not suffer from rashes, flakes and the resulting beard itch
  • You give your beard more strength and volume plus it helps prevent splitting of your beard hairs
  • Great to combine with a beard wax or beard balm so that you can style the beard perfectly
  • It provides a shiny beard that looks vibrantly healthy
  • Artisanal beard oils can give your beard a pleasant scent

Step 4: Use beard balm

In addition to beard oil, it is also wise to use the best beard balm . A good beard balm nourishes your beard hair with natural components, makes it soft and you can style your beard with it. Liquid to somewhat thicker variants are available.

Natural beard balm is available in an unscented version, but you also have a wide choice in traditional versions with refined aromas. From soft vanilla to rum & smokey. That is why we advise you to experiment with the different beard balm products that we have on the virtual shelves.

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Step 5: Brush or comb your beard

In addition to good beard oil and beard balm, it is important that you also brush or comb your beard. With a beard brush you can soften the beard hairs, cleanse and exfoliate the underlying skin. The beard brush is completely different in shape than a beard comb . In addition, it also makes a difference whether you take a boar bristle beard brush or a synthetic beard brush .

The latter consists of one piece with coarse teeth and a beard brush is rather hairy. With a comb you can style your beard more and remove tangles from your beard. With a beard brush you remove dirt and brushing works excellently for the blood circulation of your skin.

One beard wearer uses both instruments and the other swears by only a beard comb. It's quite personal. The fact is that you can perfectly maintain the beard with these indispensable tools.

If you want to get to know all the features of both beard tools, be sure to check out our article about thedifferences between beard comb and beard brush .


So if you leave a beard, know that you have to take a number of necessary steps to enjoy it to the fullest. A beard looks masculine, protects the skin and can provide a very stylish or tough appearance.

But only with the use of a high quality beard shampoo & beard conditioner. In addition, you provide a traditional beard oil, beard balm and the right tools in the form of a beard brush and beard comb. Otherwise, ask your barber. He will certainly confirm it.

Still have questions? Feel free! You know how to reach us and we will be happy to help you.

Good luck!

Your friends, The Alpha Men.