Beard care: Why use a beard oil?

Baardverzorging: Waarom een baardolie gebruiken?

Of course we can imagine very well why you want to grow a beard. It gives a powerful appearance. Little bit more Thor in the mix. Virile. Or just stylishly sleek in design. Then there is only 1 option and that is to put the razor aside and wait and see how quickly, or slowly, the beard takes shape. Gradually you come to the conclusion that the growth of a beard entails some challenges. In addition to discipline and perseverance, 1 product is a pure necessity: Good beard oil ! But, beard oil why? It is the ultimate elixir that smoothly guides you and your beard to a super healthy and perfectly shaped beard. Bottomline: your beard can NOT do without good beard oil. Ruled out. But why use beard oil and what exactly does beard oil do?

Let's give you 9 reasons why beard oil is indispensable for the beard.

  1. Moisturizes into the fibers of the beard hair and into the skin
  2. Helps prevent skin irritation and beard itch
  3. No more dandruff or flakes
  4. Provides a soft and smooth beard hair
  5. Helps prevent possible bacterial growth and infections
  6. Provides seasonal protection
  7. Helps promote steady beard growth
  8. Contributes to a healthy beard with lots of volume
  9. Your beard looks very vital

Again, beard oil why? Gents, it's a crucial super serum! Incidentally, in addition to good beard oil, there is also a very good beard balm . But what is the difference between these two? You can read that in our article ' Difference between beard oil and beard balm' .

How does your beard react without beard oil?

As we wrote, a good beard oil is essential for any type of beard. It nourishes, moisturizes, protects, softens, gives the beard its high-quality shine and unique scent. Suppose you grow a beard and you do not use beard oil. So what are the heartbreaking consequences?

  • Your (starting) beard hairs will feel stiff, unruly and dry
  • Your beard hairs receive little to no essential fats and moisture, which dries out your beard.
  • The beard hairs become porous, brittle and split. The skin becomes irritated, flakes and there is beard itch and beard dandruff.
  • You become nasty to your (immediate) environment.

These are the sad results if you decide not to use beard oil. Then we are almost certain that you will take revenge on your lifeless tumbleweed quickly and preferably with a high quality safety razor . You really don't have to and that's why we want to help you make a choice and check out our top 10 best beard oil. With these very high quality beard oils, we are absolutely sure that your journey to and wearing a beard will be extremely comfortable.

What exactly is beard oil?

Why use beard oil and what does this product consist of? Beard oil is a concentrated product that mainly consists of the components argan oil, almond oil, apricot oil and jojoba oil, which have a particularly nourishing and moisturizing function. In addition, essential oils are usually added to give a beard oil its specific scent and therefore character. Speaking of fragrances, take this Solomons Beard beard oil for example. This gives your beard a particularly seductive scent.

In addition to the ultimate care, of course. Do you want premium odorless? Then check, for example, the Rouchnecks Delight Dutchbeards beard oil . In fact, beard oil is a complex but also unique blend that optimally pampers the beard and the skin. Nourishing beard oil that is available in both thicker and thinner variants. So all are real beard conditioners.

How much beard oil should you use?

Of course it depends on how long and full your beard is designed. With a starting short beard you usually need 4 to 5 drops of beard oil. If you go towards the ZZ-TOP design, you can of course massage 10 to 12 drops of beard oil into it. Better a little too little first than too much because you can always add that good beard oil. To distribute the beard oil well, a good beard comb is the tool to distribute the oil even better through the beard hairs. Therefore, also check out ourBeard Brush vs Beard Comb article so that you can learn more about these essential tools with which you can take care of and shape your beard to the max.

Now that you know how to best care for your beard and underlying skin, it comes down to the following exercise: Buying the right beard oil . As you can see, you will succeed with us! For example, check out Proraso , Bossman , or Captain Fawcett . If you still have questions, we would of course like to hear from you!

Take care!

Your friends, The Alpha Men.