Proraso Cypress & Vetiver

Proraso Cypress & Vetiver

Proraso Cypress & Vetiver

The authentic Italian brand Proraso has ensured that you can get an entire collection in the wonderful scent of Cypress & Vetiver. In this fragrance, the recognizable scent of bergamot is mixed with earthy notes of cypress. You will also find a refined core of cedar wood and vetiver in this fragrance. The scent will come together in an explosion of amber and hints of musk, so you can expect nothing more than a dynamic and delicious fragrance sensation. Who wouldn't want that in their shaving ritual?


Shaving products Proraso Cypress & Vetyver

Proraso has ensured that you can make your shaving routine a lot more comfortable and tastier with the shaving products from the Cypress & Vetyver line.


Proraso Aftershave Balm Cypress & Vetyver

The aftershave balm from Proraso provides a moisturizing and caring effect after shaving. Your skin is optimally revitalized, and of course in the wonderful scent of Cypress & Vetyver.


Proraso Beard Balm Cypress & Vetyver

A good beard balm should of course not be missed in this collection! Your beard will be softened and cared for, as well as the underlying skin. This beard balm is a lighter lotion-like version of the beard oil and will prevent irritation and itching. This makes this beard balm perfect for the young beards among us.


Proraso Beard Oil Cypress & Vetyver

This bestseller does what it promises. Your beard is brought into top condition while your underlying skin is well cared for and hydrated. This beard oil will make your beard softer, smoother and shinier.


Proraso Beard Shampoo Cypress & Vetyver

A good beard cannot do without a beard shampoo. This beard shampoo will therefore clean your beard from dirt and build-up without any problems. The nourishing ingredients in this beard oil will also make your beard feel softer and healthier. Of course, the underlying skin is also well cared for.


Proraso Cologne Cypress & Vetiver

If you have created such a nice scent, it must of course also be made into an eau de cologne ! With this light-sweet woodsy scent you can be sure that you will get through the day with a wonderful scent around you.


Proraso Pre Shave Cream Cypress & Vetiver

The nourishing oils in the Proraso pre shave cream ensure that your beard hairs are optimally prepared for a shave. Your beard hairs will become softer, making shaving a lot easier. The cream-like consistency also forms a protective layer on your skin, preventing razor burn and itching.


Proraso Shaving Cream Cypress & Vetyver

This shaving cream is enriched with several essential oils, which will create a nice thick, protective and rich foam. This thickness provides an extra protective layer over your skin, preventing shaving irritations. The thick foam also ensures that the knife will glide over your skin without any problem.


Proraso Shaving Cream Cypress & Vetiver

This shaving cream comes in a luxurious plastic packaging with a screw cap closure. You squeeze the shaving cream out of the bag and then whip it up in a shaving bowl. Due to the addition of various essential oils, this shaving cream is soft, thick and beautifully rich. As a result, your skin is protected during shaving and shaving irritations will be prevented without any problems.


Proraso sets in Cypress & Vetyver

Of course Proraso has chosen to make sets of this wonderful scent of Cypress & Vetyver. In these sets you get to know the scent or you have put together a whole package of the scent. Also ideal to give (or receive) as a gift!


Proraso Beard Oil Set

This set contains four different beard oils from Proraso, including the Cypress & Vetyver. The other Proraso scents are also included in this beard oil set, so you will find out better than anyone which beard oil and which scent best suit you and your preferences.


Proraso Shaving Kit Cypress & Vetyver

This shaving kit is both suitable to buy yourself or to give away as a cool gift. The products are packaged in a cool tin designed by Proraso itself. The shaving kit contains the Proraso Pre Shave Cream Cypress & Vetyver, the Proraso Shaving Cream Cypress & Vetyver and the Proraso Aftershave Balm Cypress & Vetyver. This way you make your shaving routine complete and comfortable!


Proraso Beard Kit Cypress & Vetyver

This is a perfect gift to give or receive. This beard kit comes in a super sleek tin, developed by Proraso itself. This beard kit contains the Proraso Beard Balm Cypress & Vetyver, the Proraso Beard Shampoo Cypress & Vetyver and the Proraso Beard Oil Cypress & Vetyver.



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