Facial care

Creams, scrubs and face masks . Men don't dare to do... read more

Creams, scrubs and face masks . Men don't dare to do it. It would be too feminine and definitely not masculine.... read more

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Facial care

Creams, scrubs and face masks . Men don't dare to do it. It would be too feminine and definitely not masculine. So you walk in with a face that flakes like the crusty wall of an old squat. We think it's only really masculine if you dare to give a shit about it and just take good care of your face.


How does the skin work?

You could see your skin as a shield. It protects you against cold and hot temperatures and tries to stop bacteria and viruses. Everything to protect your organs. Your skin even warns you when something isn't right. So your skin has a lot to endure. You can imagine that in a cold season like winter that pressure is increased and you have to give the skin a helping hand. Especially in your face where the skin is more sensitive. Your skin consists of several layers:


The epidermis is the outermost layer, also known as the epidermis. These protect the skin cells. The epidermis also renews itself over and over again throughout your life. As a result, dead skin cells are also accumulated.


The dermis lies below the epidermis and contains connective tissue. Collagen is produced in this layer and gives the skin its firmness and elasticity. There are blood vessels nerve fibers, lymphatic vessels, sweat glands and hair follicles. Toxins are drained into this layer by the blood vessels.


Even deeper is the subdermis. The fat is stored in this skin layer.


What are the different skin types?

Everyone has their own skin type, which can generally be divided into:

Most people have a combination of several skin types . You often have oily skin around your nose and forehead and the rest of your face is dry or normal. Not sure what kind of skin you have? Then, do a short test. Wash your skin with a facial cleanser without soap and wait 15 to 30 minutes. Do not treat your face further. Compare the skin of your face with the following features:

Normal skin

  • Your skin feels comfortable and has no dry or greasy parts.
  • Your pores are small and there are no blackheads to be seen.

Dry skin

  • Your skin may feel tight
  • The pores are (almost) invisible

Oily skin

  • Your skin feels oily
  • The pores are clearly visible and there are blackheads
  • Read the article specifically about oily skin here

Combined skin

  • Your skin is oily in some parts (often nose and forehead)
  • Some parts are normal or dry


How do you take care of your face as a man?

There are actually three main actions in a skin care routine that we want to advise you and that we believe gives the best result. Those are cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing. There are of course different cleaners, scrubs and creams for men per skin type, which is why we also explain which product best suits your skin type.


Step 1: Cleanse the face

We always recommend cleaning the face after showering. Your face is then warm and your pores are open. It is also easy to incorporate this into your morning routine. If you prefer to do this at another time, you can also hold a warm cloth against your face before cleaning or rinse your face with warm water.

Then take a facial cleanser and massage the face in a circular motion. Always do this gently as the skin on the face is very sensitive. Rinse the face with cool water so that the pores close again. When you then dry the skin, try to dab over the skin and not rub.

clean face men


Step 2: Exfoliate the face

Exfoliating is something not many men do yet. Many men therefore think that this will give you a very dry face. Although it may seem that way, it is not. You remove dead skin cells with scrubbing and this gives the healthy skin cells more space to live, but it can also better absorb healthy fats and oils. Scrubbing also removes deeper-lying dirt, which can cause less inflammation and reduce the risk of acne .

You actually do the same with scrubbing as with cleaning. You wet your face with warm water and take the scrub on your fingers. You gently massage it over your face. You may exfoliate a little more at your nose and forehead because more dead skin cells often accumulate here and the skin is slightly oilier. After scrubbing, rinse your face with cold water and pat your face dry. Exfoliate less often than cleanse and moisturize. Our advice is to do this once a week.

facial scrub men


Step 3: Moisturize the face

It is important to moisturize the face. Especially in winter time where the skin needs extra hydration. If you also cleanse and exfoliate occasionally and don't hydrate, sebum production can go crazy. Applying moisture and locking it in is best done with a good one toner. Just before you apply a face cream .

You moisturize the face naturally with a face cream for men. Such a cream ensures that your face has sufficient moisture, elasticity and that skin aging is postponed as long as possible. Your face looks healthier and feels comfortable.

You apply such a face cream for men after cleansing or exfoliating when your face is dry again. Spread the cream all over the face. You may also want to take your neck with you. Be careful under your eyes because the skin there is extra sensitive. Use a little face cream and spread evenly over the face.

day cream men


Facial cleansing by skin type

For dry skin, try not to use a cleansing product that contains alcohol. This will only dry out the skin more. Preferably opt for a creamy cleanser. For example, a facial cleanser based on cleansing milk or oil.

If you have oily skin , use a cleansing product without oil. Use lukewarm water during cleaning. A mild cleanse that has an antibacterial effect is perfect for oily skin.

With normal skin you can simply clean your skin with a mild cleanser. You don't have to pay as much attention to specific product features here.

Do you have sensitive skin? Always go for a product that is free of perfume and contains as many natural ingredients as possible.


Exfoliate by skin type

As a man with dry skin , be careful about exfoliating. Try to use a product that contains soft granules and try to apply as little pressure as possible. Once every two weeks is enough. Do you have oily skin ? Then scrubbing once or twice a week is possible. Try it out and you will automatically feel what a nice frequency is for you. With normal skin, it's fine to exfoliate once a week.


Hydrate by skin type

Do you have oily skin ? Then avoid moisturizing creams with oil. These will only make your skin oilier. However, it's important to use a cream with moisturizing properties. Otherwise, oily skin will only produce even more sebum. With dry skin you don't have to go for those airy creams, but choose a day cream that is as complete as possible that nourishes the skin as much as possible. For sensitive skin, it is best to go for a perfume-free product that consists of natural ingredients as much as possible.


Buy facial care for men?

How do you choose from all those different products a product that suits you best? Because many men find that very difficult and we get a lot of questions about this, we have come up with a solution. Together with our beautician, we have put together a complete skincare package with top products for each skin type. A suitable skin care routine for men in one complete set. We call it the skincare routine kit.

Skincare Routine Kits



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