Facial serum

More and more men in the Netherlands are choosing to use a serum for... read more

More and more men in the Netherlands are choosing to use a serum for men. What exactly are men's serums? How do they work?... read more

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Facial serum

More and more men in the Netherlands are choosing to use a serum for men. What exactly are men's serums? How do they work? What types of serums are there and how can you use them properly?

What is a serum for men?

A serum for men works differently than moisturizers, toners or exfoliants. A serum is applied to the face with a pipette. So you don't have to lubricate yourself with an ointment or cream. A serum for men aims to quickly introduce moisture into the skin. For a complete facial treatment, it is sufficient to apply about four drops of serum to the face. Serums that can be used by men are not a substitute for facial creams, but are a way to provide the facial skin with extra moisture quickly and deeply. However, in some situations, a serum with a pipette can serve as a replacement for a moisturizing facial ointment. But this is only possible for men who have relatively oily skin that is already quite moist by nature.

How does a men's serum work exactly?

But how do men's serums actually work? Serums have an oily texture that penetrates deeper into the skin than a regular facial ointment. With a pipette, the serum can be applied in three or four drops, spread over the face. Then the serum penetrates quickly and deeply into the skin. This provides various skin layers with extra moisture, making your skin look brighter and healthier.

What types of serums for men are there?

If you are looking for a serum as a man, you will find that there is a lot to choose from. The most common type of serum for men is the facial moisturizing serum. Well-known brands that offer these types of serums are Doers of London, Trents, Clinique, Muhle, Kiehl's and The Grey. In addition to serums intended for the entire face, you can also opt for serums for beards and eye serums. These serums are intended for revitalizing the skin with facial hair and the sensitive, thin skin around the eyes. Brands such as Medik8, Grown Alchemist and Dermalogica offer these special serums.

Some usage tips for serums for men

A serum can be regarded as a kind of moisture infusion, which hydrates the skin more deeply than an ordinary day or night cream. However, do not use a serum as a substitute for these types of creams, because that is not enough. As a man you can use a skin serum as an alternative to a moisturizer, but only use the serum at night. The reason for this is that a serum replenishes a lot of moisture in the skin, but does not offer sun protection. A day cream does this and protects men's skin more effectively during the day. It is also advisable to choose a good and reliable brand of serum. This way you are assured of optimal skin care that penetrates deeply into multiple skin layers. By regularly using a skin serum for men, you will notice that your skin will become more radiant and less dull.

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