Beard Scrub

Beard Scrub

The beard is a trophy for many men. You must of course treat such a trophy with love and take good care of it. A beard shampoo and a beard oil are known by most men, but using a beard scrub is just as important.


What is beard scrub?

Everyone knows what a facial scrub or body scrub is. That is a scrub for your face or body. A scrub consists of a kind of cream with tiny grains. These grains ensure that dead skin cells and dirt are cleaned from your skin.

A beard scrub is therefore a scrub for your beard that removes your dead skin cells and dirt from your beard. When this is done, the skin under your beard will become healthier and healthy ingredients from your beard care can be better absorbed. All in all, we can conclude that a beard scrub is essential for the health of your beard.


The benefits of beard scrub

  • Dead skin cells and dirt is cleaned
  • Less trouble with ingrown hairs
  • Less problems with flakes in your beard
  • All nutrients can be absorbed
  • Your growing beard will itch less
  • Blood circulation in the skin is stimulated
  • The beard hairs eventually become healthier, stronger and shinier

    For which beards is beard scrub suitable?

    We can be brief about this: beard scrub is suitable for all beards! With a novice beard, a beard scrub can especially help against itching, while a beard scrub helps a fully grown and mature beard to keep the beard and underlying skin healthy.


    The best beard scrub

    Top brands such as Bullfrog and Proraso have focused on perfecting beard products such as a beard scrub. Take the Bullfrog Exfoliating Paste , for example, whose tiny granules are made from sugar. This will optimally clean your beard. The Proraso Beard Exfoliating Paste prevents skin flakes and a dry beard.


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