Using alum as an aftershave and natural deodorant

Aluin gebruiken als aftershave en natuurlijke deodorant

Centuries ago, humanity didn't have fancy vials of stinging aftershave that we applied to our cheeks after shaving. And those aluminum vials of deodorants with chemical ingredients like those in those AX sprayers? Didn't exist before either, thank god. In terms of shaving, you are always in the front row with us, thanks to the experts in our range in the field of shaving .

We used to have far fewer so-called practical skin care products at our disposal. It was all much simpler. Before the time of fancy aftershaves, only natural materials were used. And one of those natural materials is alum. At that time, alum was used for more than one purpose. And you might be surprised what it was all used for.

But what exactly is alum stone?

Alum is a natural mineral that has been around for centuries. Alum has very special properties for the skin and is effective in all kinds of areas. Alum is a colorless and odorless mineral that consists of a combination of salt, potassium and aluminum sulfate. It is mainly mined in the mountains of Asia Minor. This special rock naturally has a disinfecting and styptic effect.

Because of this, alum has become very popular amongwet shaving people. We have drawn up a complete step-by-step plan to guide you through the shaving technique as safely as possible. Suppose you are going too wild, that special crystal can help you. If you think you can only use the alum stone for stanching shaving wounds, we have news. It is an incredibly versatile natural product.

Use alum stone as an aftershave

What you may not have known is that you can use alum stone perfectly as an aftershave . This has a particularly active effect and the same result. It is a pity that alum, as an old-school but natural product, has gone out of fashion with the arrival of battalions of aftershaves in trendy designer bottles. After all, people want to smell good, but alum is odorless.

But if you only knew how brilliantly alum staunches a post-shave wound, you'd be amazed. When you let it slide over the skin, the mineral binds to the proteins, causing the skin to immediately contract. As a result, the pores close in no time, the bleeding stops immediately and there are no more inflammations or infections.

If we have made you enthusiastic and you do not yet have alum in your home or have never even tried it, you can contact us extensively. You can buy a variety of alum stone at The Alpha Men to experience how you like alum.

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Why is alum stone actually better than many modern aftershaves?

Ancient alum stone, created by mother nature with a healing effect. Also perfect to use as an odorless aftershave. In particular because of its disinfecting effect after shaving. In addition, alum lowers the PH value of the skin, neutralizing the drying effect of shaving soap .

Alum stone is also suitable for every skin type, even for very sensitive skin. Alum is cheap, lasts a very long time and never spoils. A disadvantage of many modern aftershaves is that, due to the wrong compositions, they cause the skin to dry out. The perfume present can lead to irritation in some people. Do you have sensitive skin? Then the wrong aftershave can have a quite counterproductive effect.

The bottom line is that it is always very wise to have an alum stone at home due to its particularly caring and protective properties. Purely as an instrument to staunch wounds or to alternate with fine and caring aftershaves. Of course we understand all too well that, every now and then, you want to smell seductive. That is why we also have a very wide collection of the best aftershaves that you can buy from us. Then it is a win-win. Best of both worlds.

How do you use alum as an aftershave?

You must be thinking, how can I use alum as an aftershave? Well, alum stone comes in many guises. You have them as stone, in sticks and matches. However, the approach is very simple. After shaving, you rinse your face with cold water and leave it wet. You take the alum stone and gently massage over the skin.

This gives you a tingling sensation. The pores are open and by applying alum they close properly. This also makes it safer to apply a day cream , for example, because the pores in the skin are perfectly closed. As a result, they no longer become clogged. You can also wet the alum stone and wipe it over your face.

The sticks and matches are often used for razor burns. You touch the wound and the bleeding stops almost immediately. By the way, any form of alum can be used for this. Would you like to know more about skin care in a broader perspective? Then we recommend that you read the article about facial care for men .

Using alum as a deodorant

Yes, it can get even crazier. Alum can also be used as a deodorant . Unlike just about all low-threshold consumer deodorants, alum stone has an ultimate antibacterial effect.

Alum is odorless and that can be a relief. Especially if you compare it to the strong smells of deodorant that you find in the supermarket. Especially if they mix with sweat air. Those are odors that just don't make you lose your sense of smell.

Basically, sweat is odorless. The foul odor is caused by the waste products excreted by bacteria. When you use alum as a deodorant, this mineral leaves an invisible and wafer-thin layer on the skin.

Which, by the way, you can't smell. This very thin layer has a very favorable effect on the pH value of your skin. Effect: the pH value makes the skin surface uninhabitable for the bacteria that cause that foul sweat odour. If, in addition to alum, you want to use the best deodorant with the same superior and safe properties, you cannot avoid taking a look at our range of high-quality deodorants.

How do you use alum as a deodorant?

You actually use alum as a deodorant just as you use it as an aftershave. When you get out of the shower and the armpits are still damp, you can easily rub the alum stone under the arms, just like with a traditional deodorant roll-on. You then let it dry for a while and you're done! Check out our collection of the best alum deodorants . Don't regret it.

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The many advantages of alum stone at a glance:

  • 100% natural
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Cheap
  • Odourless
  • Does not clog pores
  • Works all day
  • Is not further absorbed by the skin
  • No stains or stripes in your clothes
  • Lasts an awfully long time

So if you are not yet aware of the mega fine effect of alum stone, we hope to have convinced you with this. Do you want to use the wonderful, ancient alum stone as a first aid instrument after a shave, cooling aftershave, or optimally functioning deodorant? At least we recommend it wholeheartedly!

Should you have any questions? Then we would of course like to hear from you. You know where to find us.

Good luck!

Your friends, The Alpha Men