What is a toner? And why are toners so important?

Wat is een toner? En waarom zijn toners zo belangrijk?

You may have had a clear facial routine for years. From cleaning & scrubbing to massaging in a night cream .

Applying a modern toner ensures proper hydration of the skin with the aim of locking the necessary moisture just applied with a toner into the skin with a good day cream . In addition to moisturizing, a toner also has the task of calming the skin, making the face glow, keeping it clean and making the pores invisible.

So it is also important for you to include a toner in your routine. Buy good toner? Take a look in our digital showcase.

What is a toner?

A toner is a liquid hydrator. The second step in your facial routine. So after applying a cleanser . Toners usually contain active acid components. The 2 most important: Glycolic acid and salicylic acid (read our skincare dictionary for a detailed explanation). Furthermore, modern toners are also provided with the right vitamins so that your skin is nourished.

Note: a modern toner only contains good ingredients such as antioxidants and nourishing vitamins and no alcohol. This means actually dries out.

What is the function of toner?

Toner is initially the finishing touch for cleansing your facial skin. Any remaining dirty residue is removed from your face. This ensures that the pores are not clogged and you prevent a matte glow.

Contemporary toners also protect your skin's pH level. Optimally moisturizing the skin so that you provide the moisture with flexible armor with our best best day cream . Purpose: The moisture does not evaporate from the skin so that your face remains continuously hydrated.

Another advantage is that you arm your skin against harmful (weather) influences from the outside. Due to the hydration, pollution bounces off more easily and does not penetrate your skin.

Is toner suitable for all skin types?

Yes. With oily or average skin, a good toner ensures that you remove as much as possible the excess fats and sebum present. With dry to normal skin, a modern toner can ensure that irritations and red rashes can disappear.

A toner is not just a step but an essential move to literally keep your skin in shape.

Which toners should you not use?

Basically there are 2 types of toners on the market that you should ignore:

  • Toners with alcohol on board should never land in your bathroom. It often contains other ingredients that irritate the skin.
  • Water-based toners with a non-natural pungent perfume may smell nice and seem invigorating, but often cause discomfort. These toners usually guarantee irritated skin.

Benefits toner

It cleanses and nourishes the skin in 1 go. In addition to all the benefits mentioned above, a good toner also provides a load of antioxidants. In addition, your skin is treated to a generous portion of soothing moisturizing ingredients. A high-end toner therefore ensures a smooth skin surface.

A good serum can't hurt either.

Difference hydrate vs moisturize

A hydrator and a moisturizer . These terms are often confused. But there is indeed a difference between the two.

  • With a hydrator you bring moisture to the facial skin. This is possible, for example, with glycerine. These kinds of ingredients ensure that water binds to your skin. This also makes your skin better able to absorb moisture.
  • A moisturizer is often a cream that helps retain moisture in the skin through the oils present. Especially with dry or aging skin, the natural lipid (oil) barrier does not work optimally, so that the skin loses moisture. You can prevent this with a moisturizer.

Tip: Apply moisturizer to damp skin as soon as possible after applying the toner. Skin cells are aquatic animals. Without moisture, they die. Applying a moist toner to your skin provides the water-rich oxygen it needs to survive.

If you apply a good moisturizing cream immediately after applying the toner and within a minute, you will retain the necessary moisture where it should be. In the skin.

Last tip: Moisture evaporates very quickly. Especially in winter when it freezes. So apply both the toner and your moisturizer in a still steaming bathroom. You will see that it works.


If you want to keep your skin in the best possible condition, you cannot avoid using a good moisturizing toner. Think of it as that 1.5 liters of water you need to drink a day to keep your body running.

Facial skin has a hard time regulating itself. Mainly due to outside influences. Malfunctioning climate systems, (dry) climate and pollution. With an alcohol-free toner in your skin care routine, you arm the skin (cells) and your skin stays fresh and hydrated. You don't just look vibrant. It also feels GREAT!

If you have any questions, we would like to hear from you.

Good luck!

Your friends, The Alpha Men.