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Solid perfume

Solid perfume is less known than an eau de cologne, eau de parfum or eau de toilette. However, a solid perfume has many advantages and qualities. Time to get acquainted with the solid perfume.


What is solid perfume?

Solid perfume is a perfume based on wax. Where the traditional liquid eau de parfum is sprayed on the skin from a distance, you will apply a solid perfume directly to your skin.

The solid perfume consists of natural and skin-friendly wax and will therefore not only provide your skin with a wonderful scent, but your skin will also be cared for. A solid perfume contains high quality natural ingredients. In a solid perfume you will often find ingredients such as beeswax, sheabutter, jojoba oil, etc. These natural ingredients will care for, support and protect your skin.

A solid perfume is ideal to carry in your pocket or sports bag, specifically designed to be taken on the plane and will of course not leak. In addition, a solid perfume is easy to use, quick to use and beautifully packaged.


How did solid perfume come about?

The idea for a solid perfume is based on the needs of travelers. People who have ever traveled by plane know that you cannot take a liquid eau de parfum with you in your hand luggage. After handing in a lot of eau de parfum and fiddling with smaller bottles, it became clear that a solution was needed. This solution came in the form of solid perfumes, such as those made by Solid Perfume UK.


What is the difference between solid perfume and eau de parfum?

Solid perfume contains natural ingredients that are caring for your skin. An eau de parfum is less skin-friendly. There is also a big difference in the application of both products. A solid perfume will be applied directly to your skin, while an eau de parfum will be sprayed on your skin from a distance.

Solid perfumes, unlike traditional liquid eau de parfums, are made with natural wax and skin-friendly ingredients that can be applied directly to the skin.


How do you use solid perfume?

Scrape a little bit out of the jar with your finger or nail and warm it between your fingers. Apply a small amount of perfume to areas where you feel your heartbeat. For example, think of your wrist, neck and the inside of the elbow.

The mix of different notes in the solid perfumes usually stays on the skin, allowing the scent to develop throughout the day as it interacts with your body temperature.


Which solid perfume to buy?

A fragrance note refers to an individual ingredient in the perfume world. The ingredients in a perfume are what give the fragrance its air. Fragrance notes can also be compared to musical notes. You have light and floating notes and dark, heavier notes. A perfume consists of three layers of notes. Top notes, heart notes and base notes. Once you realize that you have a preference for certain notes, it is easy to filter and select men's perfumes based on these preferences.


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