Fragrance sticks

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Fragrance sticks

Fragrance sticks can determine the atmosphere of your home, both in terms of looks and smell. It is also nice that the fragrance sticks do their job effortlessly without you having to look at it. Make your living room, bathroom, bedroom or toilet more aromatic with our luxurious range of fragrance sticks.


What are fragrance sticks?

Fragrance sticks are wooden sticks that are in a perfumed oil. Because a fragrance stick is made of wood, it will easily absorb the perfumed oil and spread it throughout the room. This happens slowly and gradually, so that fragrance sticks (and the perfumed oil) often last a long time. The scent is spread in a constant but subtle way, masking unpleasant odors. The wooden sticks are often in a glass bottle and therefore also look attractive.

Fragrance sticks are therefore an option to make your home smell better. This is done in a subtle and luxurious way. Do you prefer other options to provide your home with a good scent? Then immerse yourself in scented candles or room spray .


Why use fragrance sticks?

Because fragrance sticks give off a constant subtle scent, they are ideal for any room. Fragrance sticks and the toilet often go hand in hand, as the scent will be very pleasant. The scent will also be a lot more subtle than when you use a cream spray or scented candle, since the scent of a scented stick is not predominant.

Fragrance sticks often last for months, as the wood will not immediately absorb all the perfumed oil. Furthermore, you do not have to worry about when you have placed the fragrance sticks in the room.


How do you use fragrance sticks?

The use of fragrance sticks is very simple. Always read the description of the relevant fragrance sticks before use.

Fill the (glass) container with the perfumed oil and then place the wooden sticks in this oil in the bottle. The more fragrance sticks you put in the oil, the more scent the fragrance sticks will give off, so keep this in mind as well. Fragrance sticks are often used more in the toilet than in the bedroom, for example.


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