Pre Shave: the remedy against shaving irritation

Pre Shave: het middel tegen scheerirritatie

In addition to shaving you want to cut your hair, the focus is mainly on the comfortable feeling you want to keep. A smooth result and, above all, no discomfort afterwards. That is often a challenge, or there is always room for improvement. We now know that preparation is essential to achieve a good result. You want to make the hair soft, not dry out the skin and that often depends on good preparation.

This preparation is now contained in one product, the pre-shave. It is one of the lesser known shaving products. Pre shave is the ultimate prevention for irritation. This gel or oil simply provides the optimal conditions for a good shave. This is a very good solution, especially if you have heavy beard growth or dry skin.

What does a Pre shave do?

Pre shaves work as an extra protective layer before and during shaving. Your skin is therefore well protected during shaving. In addition, many shaving products dry out the skin in combination with shaving itself, and of course we don't want that. By using pre shaves you moisturize the skin before shaving and you protect your skin against possible drying out by using a shaving cream. The pre-shave also makes your hair extra soft, making it easier to shave it off. The use of a pre shave is therefore very easy and fast.

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How do you use a pre shave?

You apply pre-shaves by spreading it on your hand and applying it to the stubble of your beard before shaving. It does not matter whether it is oil or cream, a pre shave is available in different forms. Massage it evenly and gently over your beard. You would think that you then have to rinse this off, but that is not the intention. Simply apply the shaving soap or shaving cream you use over the pre-shave. A razor can damage or irritate the skin. You can prevent this by taking good care of and protecting the skin beforehand and using a good shaving gel .


What different pre shaves are there?

You have a pre shave in different forms where the substance is the biggest difference. Often there is a choice of an oil, cream or gel. In the end they all do about the same thing. An oil or cream will create a slightly smoother protective layer than a gel, but a gel may, for example, have more cooling or soothing properties.

Look especially at what you want to get out of pre shaves and select the best one for you based on those wishes. Below our 10 best pre shaves.

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