The difference between shaving soap, cream, oil, gel and foam

Het verschil tussen scheerzeep, crème, olie, gel en schuim

If you don't grow a beard, chances are you shave yourself every day or every other day. A common problem is skin irritation after shaving. This often manifests itself in redness, smallwounds and a stinging sensation. This is not nice and should not be necessary at all!

To prevent skin irritation during and after shaving, there are products such as shaving soap , shaving cream , shaving oil , shaving gel and shaving foam that can help you to make your shave comfortable! In this article we explain what these products do and which product suits you best.

Shaving soap

You probably know shaving soap from the old traditional way of shaving. With a safety razor . The product has therefore been around for a very long time. A shaving soap can help you give yourself a comfortable shave without irritation. Shaving soap is often packed in a small round package.

You do not apply shaving soap with your hands, but with a shaving brush intended for this purpose. Shaving soap is a somewhat harder soap that needs a little more friction with a shaving brush.

We also recommend that you use a shaving bowl . In this you beat the shaving soap to a rich foam after you have wet the shaving brush with lukewarm water and passed it through the shaving soap with circular movements. Creating the perfect, rich lather takes a little more time and skill than, say, using a shaving cream.


1. Shaving soap lasts a long time
2. Shaving soap contains fewer chemical ingredients than other shaving products
3. Shaving soap has more complex scent profiles
4. Shaving soap is very environmentally friendly
5. Shaving soap prevents cuts and irritation

shaving cream

Shaving cream is a bit softer than shaving soap, which makes shaving cream easier to foam up and stays on the skin for a long time; ideal for the beginners among us! You also do not necessarily need a shaving brush with a shaving cream, you can also simply apply the cream with your fingers. Shaving cream also ensures that the razor blade is less close to the skin, so you can take less skin with you when shaving.

Shaving creams come in many varieties, which makes a shaving cream suitable for more specific purposes. For example, a shaving cream is particularly suitable for men with dry skin. Ingredients such as Aloe Vera and Shea Butter are often found in a shaving cream for dry skin.


1. Shaving cream is easy to whip into a lather .
2. Shaving cream is available in different packaging such as a jar or tube
3. Shaving cream is more suitable for dry skin
4. Shaving cream has a stronger smell
5. Shaving cream is less close to the skin, which prevents irritation and wounds

Shaving oil

Oil has been used for shaving for a very long time. Shaving oil provides a layer on the skin, nourishes the skin and makes the facial hair softer. Shaving with a shaving oil is also less work than shaving with, for example, a shaving soap or a shaving cream; you don't have to whip foam! Shaving oil is a transparent product, so you can clearly see what you are doing, which makes a shaving oil ideal for shaving your sideburns and/or mustache, for example.

Shaving oil contains fewer harmful and chemical ingredients than other shaving products, which makes a shaving oil nice and soft for the skin.


1. Shaving oil does not need to be whipped
2. Shaving oil is transparent, which makes it easier to see what you are doing
3. Shaving oil nourishes the skin
4. Shaving oil softens facial hair
5. Shaving oil makes your shave comfortable and prevents irritation

Shaving gel

Shaving gel is very similar to shaving cream, but has a thicker structure that ensures that your face is better protected by the extra layer that is applied. You can simply apply shaving gel with your fingers, it is a thick substance that foams as soon as you rub it over your face.

Do you have heavy beard growth? That is a good reason to choose a shaving gel instead of a shaving foam. This is because it gives the best protection and covers every hair well. Shaving gel can also be a solution for oily skin. The gel immediately takes care of the skin.


1. Shaving gel can be applied with the fingers and lathers immediately
2. Shaving gel provides very good protection due to its thick structure
3. Shaving gel feels fresh and contributes to a pleasant shaving experience
4. Shaving gel is suitable for oily skin
5. Shaving gel prevents cuts and irritation during shaving

Shaving foam

The use of a shaving cream ensures that a fine layer of foam is created between the razor and the skin. This makes the knife more able to glide over the skin, which prevents irritations and wounds. Using shaving cream is very easy.

You simply spray a small amount of foam on the palm of your hand and apply it with your fingertips to the skin you want to shave. Shaving cream has many variants, so there is always a variant that fits your skin type and wishes!

Shaving cream contains more water than, for example, an old-fashioned shaving soap. The disadvantage of this is that the foam is a bit colder and is not as able to soften the beard hairs and open the pores as a shaving soap does.


1. Shaving cream is easy to use, no need to whip foam
2. Shaving cream is ideal when you're short on time
3. Shaving cream is relatively inexpensive to purchase
4. Shaving foam prevents irritations and wounds during shaving
5. Shaving cream has many variants, for every skin type

Were you able to make your choice?

You are now aware of what shaving soap, shaving cream , shaving oil, shaving gel and shaving foam can mean for your shaving experience! are you going for a traditional shave with shaving soap, a shaving brush and a shaving bowl? Or do you choose the easier way and is a fast-foaming shaving gel better for you? Whatever your choice, you will find what you need at The Alpha Men!