This is how you shave sustainably

Duurzaam scheren doe je zo

Durability: property of a product or system to remain good for a long time. The meaning of durability is easy to relate to your shaving system. What you use (or purchase) eventually returns to the environment. Think about how a cartridge razor with plastic or disposable razor blades can affect the environment. Right, not in a positive way. Fortunately, there are ways to shave sustainably, and there are many benefits (much cheaper! ) to that too. Time to get sustainable shaving under the man.

Why should you shave sustainably?

There are plenty of reasons to start shaving sustainably. To make it clear, let's list some points.

  • Much better for the environment
  • You are much cheaper
  • Your shave is smoother and better
  • You need to shave less often

Shaving sustainably with a safety razor

Let's dissect a cartridge razor and a disposable razor. A disposable razor consists of plastic and you throw it away completely when it is blunt. A cartridge razor is even better, but also consists entirely of plastic. The interchangeable shaving heads consist of plastic and metal, which makes them difficult to recycle. Fortunately, there are razors that are durable.

The safety razor is an extremely durable razor. It is a razor without plastic and the razor blades ( double edge blades ) can be changed. You only pay a few cents each for these razor blades, so you can count on that profit!

Other benefits of sustainable shaving

There are many more benefits to sustainable shaving than we have already mentioned. We have briefly highlighted that your shave will be smoother, better and more comfortable. How? Well, because the safety razor shaves the hairs a lot closer to your skin, you will enjoy your shave more. You have less chance of ingrown hairs, less chance of a 'shadow' over your face and a safety razor is also mild for your skin. This prevents shaving irritations. Because the safety razor cuts your hair tighter and shorter, you also have to shave less often. Win win.

How can you shave even more sustainably?

But can you only shave more sustainably if you use a safety razor? No. You can of course always shave more sustainably in other ways. For example, start wet shaving (if you don't already). Using a shaving brush, whip up a shaving soap in your shaving bowl. Time to let go of the convenience of your shaving cream in a plastic bottle and focus on the age-old way of wet shaving.

You can also take a critical look at the aftershave you use. An aftershave is often in a plastic package. Some aftershaves come in a glass bottle, which makes us happier. You can also choose to use alum as an aftershave. Alum is a completely natural mineral that is very suitable as an aftershave!

No cons!

All in all, we don't really see any disadvantages to sustainable shaving. It is cheaper, more comfortable, more thorough and better for the environment. Don't be put off by the price of a safety razor. This friend often lasts a lifetime if you take good care of him. Do a simple calculation and you will see that it is still (much!) cheaper than shaving with a cartridge razor.

If you have any questions about sustainable shaving or about the right product, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy if we can make you happy, don't be a stranger!

Good luck,

Your friends, The Alpha Men