Everything you need to know about the straight razor

Alles wat je moet weten over het open scheermes

Shaving is super easy these days with electric razors with which you can do very little wrong. And although that is of course nice and comfortable, the charm of shaving is almost completely gone. Classic shaving is therefore undervalued in our opinion. With an open razor, which we also call a straight razor , you go for that classic shave. But what exactly is such a classic razor , what advantages does it offer and what should you pay attention to when buying such a knife. Because first of all, buying an old-fashioned razor is serious business. Once you have one you also need to know how to use it, and how to maintain this knife so that it stays in top condition. You can read the answer to all these questions below.

A straight razor, what exactly is that?

Straight razors have been used since the 17th century, making them one of the oldest types of razors in the world. Today, the classic razor is mainly used by men who want the best possible shave, or who appreciate the traditional way of shaving and of course also by barbers. To get a good shave you need a practical and efficient straight razor. These are available in many shapes and sizes, including the steel type, size and point type may differ. It is therefore important to thoroughly study the different types before purchasing one.

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What are the benefits of a straight razor?

Shaving with a classic razor offers a number of great advantages. We have listed the most important 3 for you.

  • Shaving becomes an experience again: Nowadays, shaving is mainly about convenience and price when we look at the choice for a purchase. Yet it is now shifting more and more to quality and experience, shaving is not just updating your face quickly, time can be taken to achieve a good result. It is a moment of relaxation for the modern man, and with a classic razor you can complete this moment.
  • The result is unparalleled: You will never get such a good shave as with a classic razor, especially compared to modern razors or razors. You will see that your skin has never been so soft and smooth.
  • After the investment, it yields a financial benefit: Initially, a classic razor is an investment, they are more expensive than modern razors. The big advantage, however, is that you can basically use it all your life, if you handle it properly. You only need to buy a good shaving soap now and then.

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What should you pay attention to when buying a classic razor?

If you are going to buy a classic razor for the first time, you should pay attention to a number of things. We have also listed that for you, so that buying the right one is a piece of cake.

The width of the shaving foil

First of all, you should look closely at the width of the shaver foil, which are listed in inches. The most common sizes are a 5/8 or 6/8, the former being suitable for light to normal beard growth and the latter for somewhat heavier beard growth. In general, the heavier your beard growth is, the heavier the blade should be.

The head or tip of the shaving foil

You have straight razors with a rounded tip at the end, which are less likely to cause cuts. On the other hand, you also have them with a square tip, which cause cuts a bit faster. These are better for tight contours, so it's just what you want.

The material

The material can vary quite a bit. Most are made of carbon steel, carbon steel or stainless steel. The beginner often chooses the first two, which are easier to maintain. These rust a bit faster than stainless steel. Good maintenance is therefore extra important for the first two. Stainless steel also stays sharp longer. Stainless steel is usually the most expensive option.

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Maintenance of a classic razor

Maintaining a straight razor is very important. After about a day, the razor, especially the metal, has recovered from the previous shave. Before shaving again, aim the razor on your shaving belt , on the canvas side. This way you ensure that the hairs are in the right direction. Then you have to hang up the shaving belt and pull the belt towards you, at the bottom.

Now you can remove loose dust particles by hand. After this, you need to put the blade at the bottom of the shaving belt, pointing the back upwards. Then gently move the knife upwards without pressing too hard on the knife, go up and down about 15 times. Then turn the shaving side with the leather side towards you and do the same, but to sharpen and polish your blade. You repeat this about 20 to 25 times. If you have rust on your knife, you can remove it with mineral oil.

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How do you shave with a classic razor?

The first thing we want to say is; NB. You can easily make cuts with a classic razor, so start by practicing around the sideburns. You lay the blade flat on the skin and make an angle of about 30 degrees. In the beginning, we recommend not shaving too tight yet. You can use a somewhat smaller angle at your cheeks, chin and upper lip. You shave with calm and even movements, while holding the skin taut with the other hand. Hold the razor relaxed between your fingertips. Try to operate the knife with three fingertips and the thumb. Also rinse the blade regularly during shaving. Always shave with the beard hairs first. Try to practice this as much as possible.

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