5 tips before shaving in winter

5 tips voordat je gaat scheren in de winter

A good shave is less obvious during the winter than during the other seasons. The temperatures are dropping drastically and you will immediately notice this on your skin. Even without shaving, your skin feels very tight whenever you've been outside for even a short while. If you continue with your regular shaving routine, you will suffer a lot from dry and tight skin.

The skin is a sensitive organ, especially to extreme temperature differences. The hot shower and heating in the house make the shock for your skin even greater when you come outside. You also stress your skin during shaving. Fortunately, a number of simple changes offer the solution.

To get through the winter without irritation or dry skin, we have a number of tips that will bring a lot of change. It's all about protecting, nourishing and a gentle approach to the skin.

Shaving irritation

The pre shave is your best friend

Using a pre shave has several advantages, especially in winter. It is often a mix of natural oils and creams that put an extra protective layer over your skin and also moisturize it considerably.

The pre shave is used for applying shaving foam . This makes the hair extra soft and creates an extra protective layer that prevents the skin from being bothered by the razor. The smooth protective layer nourishes and moisturizes the skin so that you do not have dry skin after shaving. This significantly reduces the chance of razor burn and a skin that feels like sandpaper.

You just leave the pre-shave on when you apply the foam to your face. The blade has never glided so smoothly over your face.

buy aftershave balm

Trade in aftershave for a balm

After shaving, your skin will need extra protection and nourishment to cope with the cold weather. That is why it is best to ignore the aftershave. Especially if it contains alcohol. That will give you very dry skin.

Use an after shave balm . This often has soothing and anti-inflammatory properties and will nourish and protect your skin. A moisturizingface cream for men is of course also possible!

Do you normally only use your aftershave to properly close your pores? A good splash of cold water on your face after shaving is often enough. Otherwise, you can always use alum before applying the balm.

shaving cream winter

Use a moisturizing and soothing shaving cream

Using the right shaving cream can also do a lot with the result. Many shaving creams contain additional ingredients that have great benefits for the skin. That is why we have made a special top 10 for the winter with shaving creams that extra hydrate and protect the skin.

Scrub once a week

It may seem contradictory, but a scrub can really make all the difference. Why? Your skin is drier than ever in winter. All those layers of clothing on your skin, dead skin cells and bacteria ensure that your skin can absorb less nutrients. With a scrub you remove all the dirt and dead skin cells, revealing a good and living skin layer. This can now optimally absorb all nutrients, for example from a cream that you apply after shaving. Once a week is sufficient.

Shave in the evening if necessary

Shaving always puts a certain amount of stress on the skin. Especially in the morning when you have just had a hot shower, then shave and then come out into the cold air, this can have major consequences.

Therefore, shave in the evening before going to sleep! Your skin always recovers at night. The evening is therefore an ideal time in winter.

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