What can you do about bald spots in your beard? Beard fillers & more

Wat kan je doen tegen kale plekken in je baard? Baard fillers & more

You are really not the only one and you probably see it around you more often. Wearing a beard that unfortunately has holes in it. Irregular coverage. A smooth beard growth is not self-evident and quite rare. There can be various reasons for this. As a rule, you let the beard grow and you can cover most bald spots with the other hair. Or you keep the beard short with a beard trimmer . Then you take the imperfections into the bargain. It doesn't even have to be that wrong at all. Such a rough shade with blemishes. It's pretty trendy in Hollywood, by the way.

Imperfections can also be hip!

How can holes form in a beard?

Beard and head hair grow from the hair follicles. One grows faster than the other. This is genetically determined. This also applies to the shelf life of the hair. It dies earlier in one man than in the other. The durability so to speak. When a hair 'dies', it can be replaced for a new one. Although that is not the case for everyone. The same goes for beard hairs. It is possible that hairs die and can no longer be replaced by a new one. Then holes can arise that become slightly larger over time. 

It is of course also possible that there are no hair follicles (anymore) present on the skin. Then you will naturally not have beard growth there either. Scars can also prevent beard hair from growing in that area. Then the follicles are unfortunately removed due to the damage. You can also have beard hairs implanted. But those are the rigorous steps of course. Painful. Costly too. You must be prepared for that. Such a surgically applied beard also gives a somewhat synthetic look. Of course not.

Seneca Crane

Does the formation of holes in your beard have a medical character?

The formation of holes in the beard can have various causes. Let's name the main ones:

  • The lack of hair follicles – Whether or not genetically determined
  • A deficiency of essential vitamins and minerals can cause production from the hair follicles to lag or stop
  • Stress can play a big role
  • Alopecea Areata – A condition that generates baldness in certain areas of the body. This can suddenly occur without really identifiable causes. The stress mentioned above could trigger the onset of this autoimmune disease. Not only the beard and on the head, but also the nails can be affected. These problems are in some cases temporary and there is unfortunately little that can be done about it. Of course, a visit to the doctor is highly recommended to rule out other conditions.
  • An unhealthy lifestyle

Does a healthy lifestyle affect beard hair?

If you are healthy in life, it does not necessarily always have to affect the quality of the beard hairs. For example, if you are blessed with strong genes, the hair follicles can take a lot and still survive. But we can generally say that a healthy lifestyle makes an essential contribution to a healthy beard. So make sure you drink 1.5 liters of water every day. This helps to hydrate dry skin and keeps it elastic. Your hair follicles will benefit from that!

Tip: If you find water from the tap boring, you can also embellish a jug of water with mint leaves, lemon slices, ginger, thyme or fruit. A bottle of water with strawberries, raspberries or blueberries. Not only does it look nice , but it also provides a tingling fresh taste. I'd rather not have a splash of lemonade. Less healthy heh! Speaking of which: get exercising! By moving you promote the production of testosterone, which has a positive effect on hair growth.

Of course you can also take minerals and extra vitamins in addition to a balanced diet. Such as Biotin, Vitamin A, B (3), C, D, E (almost the entire alphabet!) but also a sufficient presence of Zinc is essential for healthy skin and ditto beard.

How else can you shape a beard with bald spots?

If you have irregular beard growth and cannot get rid of the 'bald islands' with the other beard hairs, you will have to deal with it. But: there are also other possibilities. You can shave the beard hairs on the cheeks up to the jawline. So a thin line between the neck and the jaw. Then you get a very tight-lined beard. Like artist Prince (RIP) at the time. You can also keep the beard short. So a shadow of about 3 days.


Are there other ways to camouflage a beard with bald spots?

Fortunately, there are supporting resources to boost the beard for masking the holes. An excellent remedy is Toppik Hair Building Fibers . Of course you will cheat a little bit, but the results are there! Best NASA namely. With these synthetic hair fibers you fill the gaps in your beard perfectly. And nobody sees it. Of course choose a color with the best match of your beard shade. Just spray and fill. How do you think they do this in Hollywood? A blockbuster doesn't just become a blockbuster.

Do you want to get excited? Then check the topic below or look here for an extensive beard filling course with Toppik !

TOPPIK Hair Building Fibers

Toppik – Hair Building Fibers

Toppik Hair Building Fibers create a thick full look, because tiny hair fibers mix with your own hair. The Toppik hair fibers are made of organic Keratin proteins, which are also produced by your own hair. The Hair Building Fibers are easy to apply and will also mix directly with your own hair. The fibers attach to the hair, keeping them in the same place. Toppik stays put all day long and does not transfer.

There are also men who have imperfections tattooed. That 'works' optically best if you keep the beard ultra short. You also see that men have 'hairs' put on their scalp. So why not as an artificial beard. You just have to want it. Various natural liquids or herbal extracts can also have a positive influence and provide support for the beard, such as:

  • Jojoba oil
  • Ginseng
  • Argan oil (we had written a praise article about this before)
  • almond oil
  • Hemp seed oil

Of course we also have an ultimate beard serum with various natural extracts to stimulate beard growth. Let's highlight 1 more sublime product for you.

BEVIRO Natural Beard Booster

Beviro – Natural Beard Booster

Promote your beard growth with this Natural Beard Booster from Beviro . The booster consists of 90% natural ingredients that work together to stimulate your beard growth and ensure a thicker beard.

The beard booster supports blood flow, activates and stimulates the hair follicles of your beard and gives the hair follicles more energy. This ensures that even on the parts where you normally have little or no beard growth, beard hairs can also appear. The main ingredients of the booster are cressatine and guarana. These give your beard more energy and stimulate beard growth.

In addition, the booster is enriched with other important ingredients such as biotin, herbal extracts, keratin, panthenol and nourishing oils that nourish and support both your beard and the underlying skin while growing your beard.

The beard booster is not a magical panacea that everyone can grow a beard with, but is a tool for those who are slower. If you're about to grow your first medium mustache or if no one in your family has a beard, the beard booster probably won't help. This beard booster is therefore made for those who already have a small base to work with and these people will get the most out of the beard booster.

If you are not satisfied with the permanent imperfections in your beard. Whatever you do about it. Of course you can always use the knife. Shave every day or every other day so that you always look fresh and sleek. Crunchy! Of course we also have the right instruments, oils and soaps for you on stage. Let's talk about it some other time.

Good luck, bearders!

Your friends, The Alpha Men