Why every man should grow his beard at least once

Waarom elke man op zijn minst één keer zijn baard moet laten groeien

You may not have noticed, but beards can no longer be ignored from the streets. You can always abseil from a chinook like a marine with super smooth black painted cheeks. But now make time for a kek beard. And no, it really doesn't have to be Hubeus Hagrid. Because as we like to see it, it can be properly cared for. An extension of eh… The nicely developed EGO.

A beard can give you a more pronounced appearance. What baldness can do to men like Vin Diesel, Mark Strong or Jason Statham, chic coiffed facial hair can get you that sales job at Lamborghini now.

Women are, in general, not averse to it either. That is, if you didn't simmer chunks of shoarma with garlic sauce from last weekend. Or that the lady suddenly has to bite out a cigar that has not yet completely burned out. While the duvet has yet to land on the tender bodies.

grow beard

What's the best way to grow your beard?

If all goes well, your beard hairs will grow automatically. One is a little harder than the other. And in some places the beard hairs can grow faster than elsewhere on the face. Has to do with:

  • DNA
  • genes,
  • Quality of the beard hair
  • Hair follicles present
  • Any damage on or in the skin.

The above points are all important in whether or not to obtain a full beard. Or a B Unit with some flaws. But also: discipline and patience. Fortitude. Just when the novice beard starts to irritate. That's often the moment you think, how can I itch, I'll scrape the knife over it again! Look, and that's how the real men distinguish themselves from the Suske's.

If you want to have a full beard right away, it will take some time. On average about 3 months. But don't budge. Pure Feng Shui takes control of your (beard). And on the way to your new tough 'I' we can give you a helping hand. Please even!

The first 4 weeks that your beard grows

Slowly but surely, a real shadow begins to emerge. The stubble has turned into longer coarse hairs that unfold to the outside world. And usually also up to the neck and towards the neck. Then it's time to take the razor in hand and shave a V from the Adam's apple to (just) below the jawline.

In particular, the hair growth in the neck down to the earlobes can irritate. In principle, you do not want to have any beard growth there, so you can safely shave it off. This way you immediately mark a straight line.

It is possible that there is just a little more hair growth in some areas than in others, so you could possibly update it with scissors or a beard trimmer .

Do you see some bald spots forming?

Don't worry. It is more the exception than the rule that every man has a full grown thick beard. If you are in possession of Greek or Turkish blood, for example. South European cut. The men from these areas are usually blessed with very dense facial hair. But also have more work to keep it older.

If you see some holes, just let it go. As soon as you get more and more beard, the surrounding beard hairs will overgrow the less fortunate areas so that you will no longer see it. Unless you are dealing with irregularities in the hair follicles, you have too few hair follicles or your DNA is against you.

You can still grow a nice beard. Imperfection can be very attractive. But does it bother you? Then take a look at our article"What you can do against bald spots in your beard"

Beard oil for the novice beard? NICE!

Especially in the first period that you give your beard the spurs, it may beitchy or irritated . This is mainly due to the short rough hairs that itch against the face . This will also make you sit more and more often.

Once you start scratching, you won't stop. Perhaps so maddening that you think of a quick amputation. It's not that bad with defying your baby beard. But, to be honest, it can be annoying.

What helps is good beard oil . Beard oil helps to moisturize and soften the beard hairs and the underlying skin. Not only that, but it also nourishes the hair sublimely. So if you find the oil a bit too greasy, after all, the beard is still short, you can also use a fine beard balm.

Of course, a good beard shampoo is also very important. This cleans the hair and skin so that irregularities that can cause problems flow away. Below are a few excellent products to take care of your beard:

Can you already use a beard comb or brush?

Yup. In principle, when the beard has reached full maturity, you can already get started with a good beard brush to take care of your pride. You can choose a synthetic beard brush or boar hair beard brush . Of course you can also use a trimmer. It also depends a bit on how long you want your beard to be. That also depends on the type of head you have. For some, a half-long beard looks better than a relatively short model. A beard can completely change your entire appearance.

Tip: it is best to make an appointment with your barber. He can tell you exactly what type of beard fits the shape of your head!

A beard offers protection!

In addition to the stylish aspect, a beard offers phenomenal facial protection. As it was originally intended. Even before the time of the wooden guilder, hair on the face, and all over the body, was a necessity to protect yourself against all elements of nature. Heat & Cold. Tigers & Hippos! Now we are luxury dolls and a beard is purely a way of living. Optical beautification. Fur sang.

Tips to promote good beard growth

A beard is part of the body. Our system. The hairs are in hair follicles: follicles. They don't benefit from a bad lifestyle. This is the same as for the hair on the head. If you don't have things in order internally, you will lose all necessary hairs faster. Here are a few OPEN DOORS:

  • Avoids stress
  • Moderate with alcohol.
  • Exercise regularly
  • Get enough sleep
  • Eat healthy
  • Add extra supplements if necessary

Of course you will survive this route and you will be the owner of a carefully cultivated beautiful beard in no time. That you never want to lose. Hence the title of this article! You MUST persevere once to develop a real beard.

It can give you just a little more edge. Crunch. Punch! In addition, you can take perfect care of your asset with all the necessary tools that we have ready for you. From traditional beard oil to the best beard balm . From beard paint to the best beard brushes and beard combs.

A fancy beard. It stays on you. Like a tattoo.

Take a look in our webshop for superior products that will help you through that first period. Don't forget: many preceded you.