How to grow a full beard: tips and tricks

Hoe kweek je een strakke volle baard: tips en tricks

A full beard is a good masculine statement. It ensures that your baby face is a thing of the past, that you have a warm scarf for half your face and that you get an instant facelift. So it's time to grow a full beard. But that is something you have to do in a certain way. It is of course also an option to just let your beard grow without doing anything about it, but then you look more like a feral caveman.

In this article we would like to share our best tips and tricks to grow your beard in a stylish, well-groomed way. We discuss the importance of patience, testosterone level, beard care, and beard fillers to get that perfect beard.

Patience is a virtue: Let it grow

The most important and basic thing to do is simply to be patient . How long does it take for a full beard to be really full? Well, that takes quite a while. It's not that you wake up overnight with a glorious beard (unfortunately). Growing a full beard takes time, some take longer than others. Usually it takes about 30 days. Each hair on your face grows at different speeds, which means that some parts of your beard grow faster than others. So hang on, you have to get through it for a month. Don't give up on your beard.

Testosterone for beard growth

Testosterone is an important hormone in hair growth and can help stimulate the growth of your beard. Increasing your testosterone level can be done in several ways:

  • Healthy food
  • Regular exercise
  • Regular sexual activity (including masturbation)

Beard care: Moisturize and care for your beard

It is important that you carefully care for the beard with a high-quality beard oil or beard balm . This prevents the beard from drying out and promotes hair growth. Also comb your beard with a special beard brush. This stimulates the skin under the beard hairs.

When your beard is long enough, it is important to wash it regularly with a good beard shampoo and beard conditioner . These influence hair growth in a positive way, your itching is soothed and the underlying skin is cared for. It is also important to exfoliate occasionally to remove dead skin cells. Then your skin can breathe more and it will be better able to absorb the nourishing ingredients of your beard products.

Avoid excessive shaving

Throw your razor aside. At least, as long as it doesn't come close to your beard anymore. Excessive shaving can slow hair growth and can also cause irritation such as redness, itchiness and acne. You should let your beard grow in peace. Especially in the first 4 weeks, no razor should touch your beard. Therefore, try to shave only where necessary and trim your beard with precision. So let it grow and bloom nicely and look with pride at the development of your beard hairs.

Is it starting to itch? That is normal. Tame the itch with a beard brush and leave it alone. If you use your beard brush often, clean it regularly. Of course you don't want to brush your beard with old dead skin cells. Only products that are fresh and fruity should touch your virgin beard!

Maintain the contours

Your beard will be a bit longer around the 2nd week. To keep yourself from looking like an untamed beaver with rabies, you need to maintain your beard to keep it neat. For example, it is important to keep track of the proliferation on your cheeks, neck and throat with a trimmer. It doesn't have to be tight, it doesn't have to be perfect, but keep it up to date.

Trim your beard

If you've been letting your beard grow for a few weeks, it will eventually become quite wild and clumsy. Even if you keep up with your sprawl, the beard itself eventually becomes shapeless, long and the hairs go in all directions. That is why it is important to update your beard at this point. For example, you can trim a full beard with a clipper, but we prefer a beard trimmer . Do use a trimmer that can be used specifically for your beard.

Make sure you find the right length and grab the correct attachment from the trimmer. It is better to start with a longer attachment and if it is still too long, you can always use a shorter attachment. Better this than the other way around! Make sure your hand is stable, because a shaky hand can ruin your masterpiece of the past few weeks in one fell swoop.

Time to style your full beard!

YOU DID IT! After a few weeks you have your beautiful full beard. Now it's a matter of choosing which way to go. Do you want to keep it at this length but adjust the shape? Then you have two choices. Either you let the barber do this and let him look at the best shape for your beard and face, or you get to work yourself. This can be done with a trimmer. Do some research and watch some YouTube videos if you are still inexperienced.

Use beard fillers for a fuller look

If your beard is a little thin, it can be tempting to give it up and shave right away. But today there are so-called beard fillers that look like small fibers that can be added to the thin spots of your beard for a fuller look.

Maintaining your full beard

You can of course maintain it on the one hand by trimming your beard every so often and maintaining your contours. On the other hand, you maintain your beard with good products. If your beard is a bit longer, you can use a good beard balm . With a beard balm, your beard is easy to style. Of course, a beard oil is always recommended for the health of your beard. Is your beard getting wild and long? Then use a beard wax to shape even the wildest hairs.

Frequently asked Questions

How long does it take to grow a full beard? This differs per person, but on average it can take between 2 and 6 months to grow a full beard.

Can I accelerate beard growth? While genetics play a role in the rate of beard growth, a healthy diet, exercise, and proper beard care can help promote growth.

Which beard care products should I use? Use a quality beard oil or beard balm to moisturize your beard, and a beard brush or comb to remove tangles and style the beard.


Growing a tight and full beard requires patience and dedication. Follow our tips for boosting beard growth, choosing the right beard care products and using beard fillers when needed. Experiment with different methods and products to develop the perfect beard routine that suits you.

Remember that every body is different; it is therefore possible that these tips do not give you the intended result. So don't give up and keep experimenting until you find the best routine for your beard. Good luck growing your tight full beard!

Your friends, The Alpha Men