Stimulate your beard growth with these 8 tips

Stimuleer je baardgroei met deze 9 tips

Like so many other men, you are planning to grow a beard . And rightly so, because beards are back in fashion, are masculine, and many women can't stay away from them!

But if you've decided that you're going for a beard, unfortunately that doesn't mean that a lush coat of fur will immediately appear on your chin. Growing out a beard properly is a process that takes months to years, depending on what kind of goatee you're happy with. And the period until then can be tough: the still short hairs itch, the thing only half covers your skin, and its shape is reminiscent of an 80s super villain.

Can you stimulate your beard growth to make this misery last as short as possible? Yes you can – if you follow these tips.

Which factors can stimulate your beard growth?

An average beard grows slower than your head hair, namely about 1.5 centimeters per month. How fast your beard grows depends on your genes, your health, your diet and your skin care. And luckily you can influence most of those factors yourself!

Tip 1: watch your lifestyle

The more balanced your life is, the better your body will be. Taking enough rest, limiting stress, following a balanced diet and getting enough exercise: they all ensure that. A good lifestyle accelerates all growth and renewal processes in your body, including those in your skin and hair follicles.

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Tip 2: Give yourself over to the process

We already mentioned a few disadvantages of growing a beard: itching, red skin, bald spots and an unattractive shape. You just have to go through that. Don't shave right away if it irritates you. So consider the inconvenience as an investment in a beautiful new look later. You want a beard, so you're a man! Just bite the teeth and wait a month until your beard looks better and feels nicer. Fortunately, you can also do enough about the itching. You will find that in the following tips.

Tip 3: Leave your beard alone for the first month

A good time to start shaping your beard is after the first month. Only then will the hairs be long enough to get an idea of ​​what your final facial coat will look like. After about four weeks you can therefore carefully start shaving or cutting your beard, and to pluck out unwanted loose hair with tweezers. Tinkering with your beard before then can lead to an ugly end result - so stay away from it for a while, no matter how excited you are!

Tip 4: Drink enough water

Humans consist for the most part, 65 percent, of water. On Saturday evenings, sometimes a significant part of beer, but that aside. So water has quite an important place in our body. Almost every function, including the processes in your skin, is stimulated by water. Drinking enough water helps, among other things, with the production of keratin, the stuff that hair and skin cells are made of. So don't be tough by just drinking whiskey on hot days, a few liters of water a day is good for everything that happens in your body. Also for your beard growth and for healthy facial skin.

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Tip 5: Hydrate your beard with beard oil!

Beard oil is a wonderful invention that nourishes and moisturizes your beard hair and the skin underneath. The hair becomes smoother and softer and itching decreases. Even better to choose oil with vitamins B6, E and C - these substances will promote the production of skin cells and beard growth.

Tip 6: Practice beard care with beard shampoo and conditioner

Leaving your beard alone is a good idea, but you really need to wash it sometime. This helps against itching, removes excess sebum and dirt that can cause pimples, and puts the hair in perfect condition, so that your beard will also be beautiful in the long term.

Special beard shampoo and beard conditioner also contain ingredients that care for the beard, soften it and are so mild that the beard hairs will not be dried out. Moreover, you should not underestimate how much mud and pizza residues get stuck in your beard, washing it every now and then is nice for your girlfriend.

Tip 7: Remove dead skin cells regularly

Your skin is constantly shedding dead skin cells. Especially if you have oily skin, they can block your pores, which can lead to pimples or beard dandruff. The micro-organisms and the small inflammations that arise can reduce your beard growth and damage the hair. So use a beard brush regularly. This scrubs the dead skin cells off your chin. This reduces the chance of anitchy beard and the skin can absorb the nutrients of, for example, a beard oil much better, which will accelerate beard growth.

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Tip 8: Leave Beardy alone!

Did we mention that getting a full beard can take a lot of time? Hold on, man! If you still have an ugly toilet brush on your chin after six months, try to laugh about it and don't shave it off out of frustration. Wait until the hairs are just a little longer, and you will see that you can suddenly magically shape them perfectly.

And no, shaving does not cause faster hair growth, that has been proven a hundred times over. So leave the clippers in the closet, take good care of your beard and your body, and you will see: after a year you really look like a Viking metal biker, or something like that!

Rule Number One # - Every man must grow a beard at least once in his life.

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