Blonde haarverf

Blonde hair dye

Nowadays it is very common for men to dye their hair as well. For... read more

Nowadays it is very common for men to dye their hair as well. For example, you may be going gray (prematurely), you want to... read more

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Blonde hair dye

Nowadays it is very common for men to dye their hair as well. For example, you may be going gray (prematurely), you want to make your hair look fuller or you want your beard color to be the same color as your hair color. A good blonde hair dye for men will help you with this!


How do you choose the right color hair dye for men?

When you are blonde it is useful to stay close to your own hair color. Going for a brown hair dye or black hair dye is often not the best idea, at least if you want to keep it natural. Even if you are slightly reddish, a blond hair dye for men suits you well. If you go for a dark hair dye, the result will be a lot less natural. So don't be tempted by all the dark colors!


How do you dye your hair as a man?

In principle, this differs per hair dye. For example, you can opt for a semi-permanent hair coloring or a permanent hair coloring. The difference then lies in the outgrowth. As you might expect, permanent stays in your hair permanently. This will not rinse you out like with a semi-permanent hair dye. Semi-permanent hair dye will gradually fade with every wash.

All hair dye packaging comes with an instruction. Please follow this instruction and especially the time that your hair dye has to be absorbed! Often you dye your hair according to the following common thread:

  1. Prepare well. Put on an old shirt or grab a towel that you don't mind getting dirty.
  2. Read through the instructions. Then mix the two different bottles together and shake well.
  3. Put on your supplied gloves and possibly grab a container and a brush so that you can apply the hair dye correctly.
  4. Apply the hair dye to the roots of your hair, i.e. to your scalp.
  5. Then divide the paint over your entire hair, including all ends.
  6. Let the paint soak in, one hair dye needs longer than the other, so follow the instructions.
  7. Thoroughly rinse the dye from your hair until the water is completely clear again.
  8. Done!

Can I also dye my beard blonde?

Today, men can dye not only their hair, but also their beard. There are many benefits to dyeing your beard. For example, a beard can have a different color than your hair, or your beard can turn red. That is why it is ideal to dye your beard. As a blond man you can also dye your hair blond! Blonde beard dye probably suits you best as a blond man, always choose a beard dye that is close to your own beard color.


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