Razor blades: Which are best for you?

Scheermesjes: Welke zijn het beste voor jou?

If shaving is one of your daily or weekly activities, you have probably noticed how many different types of razor blades there are to choose from. Especially when you start shaving or have used the same type of blades for years, the range can be overwhelming. There is quite a difference in razor blades and there is also that there is not really one best. Every man has a different skin and hair growth and of course also a different preference. Yet there is a razor for every man that can be the best choice for him.

The best double edge blades

I must first say that we are only going to talk about double edge blades . The interchangeable blades used in a safety razor. If you are not yet shaving with a safety razor yourself, we really recommend that you give it a try. To name a few benefits:

  • More accurate results and a better experience
  • You need to shave less often because the result is smoother
  • Less chance of irritated skin
  • Lots of variation in double edge blades
  • Razor blades are cheaper

For us men, shaving with a safety razor is becoming more and more obvious. It's getting more and more popular. Also read Perfect shave: Using a safety razor to learn more about safety razors and give it a try.

razor blades double edge blades

What makes a razor blade good?

What is a good razor blade for you may be a terrible blade for someone else. That is why there is so much variation in double edge blades. Every man has a different kind of beard growth and skin. Someone with sensitive skin needs a different razor than someone with normal skin or rough skin. The following factors should be considered when looking for the right razor.

Sharpness of the razor blade

Most men think that the sharpest knife is automatically the best. While that seems very plausible, it is not entirely true. I say completely because for some men it does. The sharper the razor blade, the smoother the shave will be. But there is also a greater risk of cutting yourself. Beginners in particular will suffer from this faster because they do not have such a good technique yet.

However, with a sharper blade, a better result can be achieved with one shave. Provided you master the technique well and do not cut yourself, a sharp knife is ideal for men with sensitive skin and thicker hair. The skin will be less stressed because the blade only has to go over the skin once and cuts the hairs well. If you have less thick hair, it is better to use a less sharp blade.

To compare the sharpness of blades, we have made a table below with the sharpness of the five best rated razor blades. The lower the number, the sharper the blade.

Razor blade


Superior Platinum


Derby Premium




Gillette 7 O'clock


Wilkinson Sword


Smoothness of the razor blade

The smoothness of the razor blade, also called smoothness, indicates how forgiving the razor blade is. The smoothness is determined by the cutting angle of the blade. A very sharp razor blade has an unfriendly cutting angle, so you can quickly cut yourself if you don't have a good shaving technique. You're less likely to cut yourself with a very smooth razor. Handy if you have rough skin or, for example, suffer from acne . If you have sensitive skin but thicker beard hairs, this is a less good option. You will then have to put more pressure on your skin or shave multiple times over the same skin area. That increases the risk of irritation.

smoothness razor

Razor blade life

Nice all those smooth and sharp blades, but what good is it if your blade is worthless after one shave? Razor blades differ in shelf life. This has to do with the quality of the material used. Razors last for several shaves. The sharpness changes after every shave. It will subside after a few times.

Some razor blades last longer than others. This naturally has an effect on our wallet and must therefore be taken into account when looking for a good razor blade.

The best razor blades

Feather Double Edge Blades razor blades

Feather Double Edge Blades

According to shaving aficionados the best razor available. It is also the sharpest razor blade available and perhaps less suitable for beginners. Feather is a Japanese company that makes professional shaving products and also one of the market leaders in that field. If you have sensitive skin with thicker hair, this is the best choice. If you are looking for a somewhat smoother razor blade, it is better to ignore this one.

+ Unparalleled sharpness

+ Thanks to the coating, this knife will last a long time

+ Perfect for thicker hair

Astra Superior Platinum Double Edge Blades

Astra Superior Platinum Double Edge Blades

Astra is a manufacturer that is part of Gillette and produces the blades in Russia. These razor blades are one of the most popular thanks to a great price-quality ratio. The blades are sharp but also smooth enough to shave comfortably without cutting yourself. The lifespan of these Astra razor blades is one of the longest. These razor blades last a very long time. In principle, every man should be able to do at least five shaves with one blade.

+ Cheap

+ Lasts a long time

+ Smooth and irritation-free shave

Gillette 7 O'clock super stainless double edge blades

Gillette 7 O'Clock Super Stainless

Of course, there is no list of the best razors without the Gillette name. This brand needs no introduction. These razor blades are right in between mild and sharp. It still gives a close shave without the risks of the sharper variants. So perfect for beginners. The razor blades are average in terms of life and are not expensive.

+ Sharp enough but not aggressive

+ Affordable

+ Blades from a reputable manufacturer

Derby Double Edge Blades

Derby Double Edge Blades

The perfect razor for beginners. These razor blades are as smooth as possible so you won't cut yourself easily. That also means that the sharpness is minimal, which will not produce the smoothest result. The lifespan of the Derby blades is very good. Some men can use it for 10 shaves. If you have thin beard hairs and sensitive skin, this blade is a good choice.

+ Very cheap

+ Very mild

+ Razor blade lasts a very long time

Wilkinson Sword Double Edge Blades

Wilkinson Sword Double Edge Blades

Another razor blade that is good to use for beginners. The lifespan of Wilkinson razor blades is among the best and the blade is very kind to the skin. The blade is sharper than the Derby Double Edge Blades and therefore gives a slightly smoother result. This blade is less suitable for thicker beard hairs.

+ Fairly mild

+ Suitable for beginners

+ Good longevity

Vary with different types of razor blades

The best tip is to vary a lot in the use of razor blades. Eventually you will find the blade with which you achieve the most desired results. It is also quite conceivable that over time your technique will improve to such an extent that you will need a different blade. Fortunately, you can get all double edge blades in small packages so that you don't lose much money and can try another razor blade shortly afterwards.

If you are just starting to shave with a safety razor, it is best to start with a mild razor blade and go sharper from there until you have found the ideal razor blade.