Manscaping: How do you shave your balls? And how do you take care of your scrotum?

Manscaping: Hoe scheer je je ballen? En hoe verzorg je jouw balzak?

OK Skipper. Let's not beat around the bush. It happens. Shearing the Crown Jewels. Men (and women) generally find a slippery track down there very enjoyable. Hygiene also makes a big contribution. An even scrotum gives a courteous feeling. Not only at home, but also in the spa or sauna, for example.

It just looks apple crisp. An ancient ritual in many countries. That shaving of the nuts and the pubic area. There are several ways to get and keep your testicles smooth and polished. A wax salon is an option. Then you will experience a sensationally painful parting of the fur in your most sensitive region.

Bang for your buck because the billiard ball stays smooth longer, but: are you such a pain tiger? Lasering is also possible and is less painful, but please note that due to a changing hormone system, hair growth can suddenly resurface.

Better yet do it yourself. If the pubic hair is rampant, please first take a pair of scissors or a 100% charged (!) Trimmer . This is to gently bushwack the worst bushes before using the razor. There is a very comfortable way to rigorously prune things down below and maintain a soft level.

A clean safety razor with a fresh blade, the right shaving soap or shaving gel , inner peace and a little technique. Some of us are true artists when it comes to hair removal from the balsack, but there are also countless gentlemen who find it a perilous undertaking to safely trim the hairy beefsteak tomatoes . The Alpha ballot committee gives you some excellent tips on how to safely complete your case.

And whisk:

The right preparation for shaving balls

Concentration! Of course you want to avoid doing any damage to the brittle area with a wrong swipe. So you operate on the cutting edge, but with a relaxed approach it is a piece of cake. First of all, make sure you take your time. Speeding is Bleeding .

The bathroom is the perfect cream scene. Perfectly ZEN you step under the (hot) shower and warm the area you will concentrate on. The hot water in the shower may make it comfortable enough for some to run the blade across the skin. There are samurai who only get the bag smooth with a sharp knife. But we really recommend an excellent gel or soap.

Use the razor as safely as possible

When the area has been properly preheated and the pores are now open, the shower head can be put aside and you can lubricate the area with a soothing shaving gel or soap. This is perfectly possible with a shaving brush and whipped soap in a bowl.

Pull it tight and move the sharp blade with the hair growth. If necessary, lubricate some extra shaving soap over the skin. By the way, did you know that bacteria like sticky and warm places? For that reason alone, it is wise to shave the bag regularly.

Pubic hairs also retain certain odors, so smoothing your saco de bolas is an absolute must. The advantage of shaving in the shower is that the pubic hair flows directly into the well.

Prevent ingrown hairs and bumps

The best way to prevent ingrown hairs or pimples, in addition to warming the skin properly so that the pores open, is to use an excellent sharp blade and high-quality shaving gel or soap. In addition, it is best to shave with the hair growth. That is something to try out in this protected nature reserve, but if you practice more often you will really get the hang of it. Then it goes by itself.

ANTHONY Ingrown Hair Treatment

Anthony - Ingrown Hair Treatment

Nothing is more annoying than red spots after shaving, inflamed hair follicles and ingrown hairs. You can prevent these irritations with Anthony 's Ingrown Hair Treatment. The Ingrown Hair Treatment cleanses and exfoliates the skin and hair and in this way prevents inflammation caused by ingrown hairs.

The best products to shave your balls safely

BEVIRO Shaving Gel - Transparent

Beviro - Transparent Shaving Gel

This gel from Beviro gives the hair and underlying skin good hydration, which softens it and makes it easier to shave the hair in the pubic area. The gel also has a calming and healing effect that prevents shaving irritations, so you no longer need aftershave.

Anthony - Shaving gel

Anthony - Shaving gel

The Shave Gel from Anthony, a moisturizing shaving gel that is easily distributed over the skin and ensures the smoothest shave. Especially suitable for sensitive skin. Where the Shave Cream gives more of a rich and oily shaving experience, the Shave Gel is aimed at moisturizing the skin. The Shave Gel softens the beard hairs and has a cooling effect on the skin, shaving will not only be easier, but the skin will also feel more comfortable. Part of the proceeds from this Anthony goes to research for prostate cancer.

The best aftercare with the right aftercare

If you still want to create a softening skin after shaving the scrotum, it is best to rub it with a suitable cream. For this we have the perfectly calming Anthony powder balm on the shelves for you.

Anthony - No Sweat Body Defense

Anthony - No Sweat Body Defense

Anthony 's No Sweat Body Defense is specially made for a problem many men have, sweaty balls or scrotum. So extremely suitable for use in the pubic area! It provides a fresh feeling, ditto smell and dry pubic area. The No Sweat Body Defense is a creamy powder that you can easily apply and distribute.

Ideal for during sports and after a shaving session of your cojones!

Would you rather trim the balls electrically?

Philips - One Blade Face + Body

Philips - One Blade Face + Body

This Philips OneBlade Face + Body can trim, contour, shave and style hair of any length. This set includes a facial blade with 3 different stubble combs and a body blade with an attachment that protects your skin.

Practice makes perfect. It is of course always possible that you accidentally cause a small cut or damage. But the more often you shave the balls, the easier it becomes at some point. Then it becomes second nature.

Take (good) care!

Your friends, The Alpha Men.