What's in a toiletry bag?

Wat zit er in een toilettas?

A toiletry bag was once invented to be able to take all your care products clearly arranged and safely with you on a trip. For in your sports bag and especially when you travel, you and your suitcase cannot do without a toiletry bag. Unless you like to throw your toiletries haphazardly in a travel bag and think it will all work out. Or empties like your bottle of shampoo. To cry!

What to bring in a toiletry bag?

If you go on that well-deserved vacation, a weekend away, have to go on a business trip or spend the night with your fling, you don't want to forget anything. You just want to have a toiletry bag filled with all the essentials with you. But what should you put in a toiletry bag? Time for a checklist:

Toothbrush , toothpaste and dental floss
Shower gel or soap
Shampoo and conditioner
Brush or comb
Pomade , clay , wax or gel
Safety razor
Razor blades
Shaving gel or shaving foam
After shave
After sun or body lotion
Facial cream
Lip balm
◯ Manicure set: nail clippers and tweezers
◯ First aid kit: plasters, painkillers, disinfectant
◯ Earplugs
◯ Lenses or glasses

And if you rock a beard, don't forget:

Beard oil
Beard balm
Beard shampoo or beard soap
Beard comb
Beard brush

Why is it called a toiletry bag?

In any case, a toiletry bag has nothing to do with a toilet, a toilet bowl will never fit in anyway and they are not meant to take a good shit.

But why is it called that? Simple: it originated in the United States. Where soldiers were already equipped with a so-called toiletry kit during the First World War in which they could store and quickly grab all the necessary toiletries (read: care products that they apparently have in their oversized toilet at home).

After all, a duffel bag had no extra compartments to properly store shaving equipment, for example. So such a kit was a necessary accessory.

What is a handy toiletry bag?

A toiletry bag where you don't lose anything. One with handy compartments in which your care products are neatly organized so that you never miss out.

Now of course it depends on what your plans are. If you are going away for a weekend, you basically need a small toiletry bag. If you are going on a longer trip, a larger size is more convenient. In any case, a requirement of a good toiletry bag is that you see everything at a glance. So no more hassle.

Always choose a toiletry bag that is nice and sturdy. One that doesn't fall apart when you look at it. Nylon ripstop, leather, canvas or linen are ideal fabrics for a toiletry bag. Then you're sure you're in the right place! What is also useful is that there is a hanging hook or mirror. Especially if you travel with your backpack. Can you put your quiff in the pomade in your tent and hang it up as soon as you are in that far too small shower cubicle.

  • Made of sturdy material
  • Easy to divide by handy compartments
  • Compact
  • Waterproof
  • Hanging hook
  • mirror

Buy toiletry bag?

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Good luck!

Your friends, The Alpha Men.