This will ensure that your hair falls back

Zo zorg je ervoor dat je haar naar achteren valt

Swept back hairstyles are timeless, stylish, clean yet edgy. This look has been very popular for decades and we fully understand that. But unfortunately it is not the case that you get out of bed with such a haircut. It requires some knowledge and skills. Especially if you want it to stay in place all day long without wild strands suddenly coming loose and hanging in front of your eyes. Looks crazy, won't you. That's why today we're going to look at how you can best style this haircut so that you can control every gust of wind.

The reasons your haircut doesn't stay in place

You may be wondering why your hairstyle isn't holding back well throughout the day. There is no easy answer for that because there can be quite a few different reasons why your coupe does not stay in shape. That's why we go through the most common reasons. Can you see which one could be the culprit for you!

Hair type

The most common reason your hair won't sit back is your hair type. Too bad, you can't change much about it. For example, you may have straight hair, curly hair, thick hair, thin hair, you name it. Curly hair is quite stubborn and is therefore more likely to loosen when combed back. Thick hair with more volume is also a difficult match for this hairstyle. Actually, the rule is: the fuller and the thicker, the heavier. The heavier: the sooner gravity will do its thing. So straight hair that is not too thick is the easiest hairstyle for this look.

Growth direction

Another reason you can do very little about yourself. All hairs have a specific growth direction. Some men's hair grows towards the front and that's a tricky one if you want your hair back. The crown can also be a tricky place. Within a small space on your head, hairs all grow in different directions. Even then it is more difficult to steer and keep them all in the same direction.

Sebum production

Then you have the sebum production that can throw a spanner in the works. If you have hyperactive sebum production, your hair will become greasy a lot faster than usual. These oils form a layer on the hair and can eventually repel the products you use. As a result, the hairs can fall back to the front during the day.

Wrong products

Look, you can do something about this! If you use the wrong products for your haircut, you are assured that your haircut can fall forward again during the day. If you have thick hair and you use a product with a light hold, it will lack power and you can be sure that it will fall forward.

Tips to let your hair fall back

We wouldn't be us if we didn't give you tips! Of course, despite all the reasons why it's not working out right now, it's possible to be able to wear your hair back with confidence. Some tips and tricks are needed for that. take note:

1. Use a hair dryer

Blow-drying is a secret weapon used by almost all men who wear their hair back. By blow-drying your hair when it's wet, you can 'bend' your hair and change the direction of the hair slightly. You also add more volume to your hair, making it less heavy and lighter. A lot easier to style and that's why a hair dryer is number 1 when it comes to combed-back cuts.

2. Thin out your haircut

Hear us out. If you have really thick and difficult hair, it is a good idea to have your haircut thinned out at the barber or hairdresser. It doesn't change the appearance much, but it does make your hair 10x easier to style.

3. Choose a shampoo that maintains your sebum production

Go for a good (natural) shampoo so that your sebum production does not work overtime. Do not wash your hair daily either. This ensures that your hair becomes greasy faster. This way you don't get oils in your hair that will fight against the products you use.

4. Use the right products

Your best friend when you want to wear your hair back is the right hair product! Many people make a mistake here. You shouldn't get greasy products to keep your hair taut back. Fortunately, there are plenty of products that are a good match for this look.

Which products cause my hair to fall back?

There are of course also different hairstyles that you wear backwards. You have classics like the slickbacks and quiffs. If you want to go for the John Travolta a la 'Grease' look, you can use an oil base pomade with a high shine. Water-based pomade with a high hold is most commonly used by men who wear their hair back. The Reuzel pomades are recommended because they have a different pomade for every hair type and length.

You can also use a wax , but only if you have short hair. The hold is not good enough for unruly or longer hairstyles. Do you have longer hair? Then a clay is recommended again with a high hold and matte finish. In addition, it is recommended to apply a paste . This allows you to apply a lot of variation and the product can often be restyled throughout the day. So does a tuft fall forward? No problem, just style your hair back with your hand. Child can do the laundry!

Of course, a good hairspray is the finishing touch. When you've blow-dried your hair and styled it with the right products, finish it off with a hair spray that ensures that your haircut can't be undone.

Good luck!

Your friends, The Alpha Men