Does gel make you bald?

Word je kaal door gel?

Gel as we know it was developed in the 1960s with water, alcohol and polymer as the most important ingredients. This Alpha massaged a handful of blue or yellow supermarket gel into his hair every day in the 1980s. Also half the content of a can of Wella Hairspray as a hopeless addition to top off my robot haircut.

It actually felt like wearing a helmet. Bizarre. In those days you just didn't have that much choice in hair styling products. Now there are so many more comfortable, safe and premium types of hair gel that you can't compare to those fluorescent blue gels of the past.

Hair care for men can be done in a much safer way. Check it out.

Does gel make you bald?

There are different stories about whether or not gel can make you bald. If you put a cheap factory gel full of chemistry in your hair, this material can completely encapsulate your hair so that no oxygen can penetrate. That is harmful to your hair in the (short) term because it can no longer breathe.

You do not run the risk of baldness from today's high-quality gel. Most gels also contain (much) less alcohol and more natural products such as birch sap and ginger. Products that do not flake and are much better for your scalp.

You can therefore assume that hair gel that you purchase from us is safe to use. Buying good hair gel with a nice scent with which you perfectly style your hair is of course done at The Alpha Men.

Is sleeping with gel in your hair bad?

Does gel in your hair make you bald if you go to sleep with it? If you have a gel that is rather hard, you can damage your hair with it. This is due to the friction of your head on the pillow and your still stiff hair. So we advise you to rinse your hair before you go to bed.

Then you can be sure that your hair will not be damaged. Although we advise you never to go under the covers with gel in your hair anyway. After showering, simply massage your hair with a good hair oil or hair serum. This feeds the hair to the root, makes it shine and makes it as soft as the baby belly of a newborn woolly mouse.

Tip: If you have thin hair, gel may not be the right product to apply to your haircut. As you can see, we have many other products for that that ensure that your hair stays in shape and gets more natural volume.

Good luck!

Your friends, The Alpha Men.