The best hairstyle for your face

Het beste kapsel voor jouw gezicht

You've probably experienced it, you see someone on the street or on television with a great haircut and immediately want a haircut like that yourself. You go to your hairdresser as soon as possible, take a photo of your favorite actor and explain to him in detail how you want your haircut. The haircut that looks so beautiful and perfect on that actor or friend is quite disappointing on your head. Did my hairdresser get it wrong? Did I give the wrong directions? Am I using the wrong products? It could be, but you're more likely to have chosen a haircut that simply doesn't suit your face shape.

Everyone has a different face shape, which means that every haircut is different for each person. That may sound very silly, but it also offers a solution. So there are hairstyles that look very good on your face and make the shapes of your face stand out better. A good hairdresser should know which hairstyle suits your face. In case you don't have a good hairdresser, we will show you which haircut suits your face shape.

The best hairstyle for a square face

The square face often has a strong jawline and a lot of symmetry. Many people think this is the most masculine face shape.

With a square face you have a lot of choice in choosing a haircut because there are few haircuts that do not look good on this face shape. Short or long, it doesn't really matter. With a square face, you want to accentuate your angular jawline. Classic hairstyles such as shaved sides with layers, side parts, slightly longer on top, the pompadour or a regular quiff look best.

We advise not to wear the haircuts too tight and flat on top and not too short, because otherwise you will get a blocky head and you want to prevent that. Furthermore, you can actually try all hairstyles because almost everything suits this face shape. What a lucky bastard you are.

Men with a square face shape

Men with a square face shape

The best haircut for a round face

A round face does not really have prominent lines or angles. So you will choose a hairstyle that gives more definition to your face. Choose a haircut that doesn't follow the lines of your face. Otherwise, your face will only appear rounder. Go for a haircut that contrasts and separates from your face. Go for a lot of volume and length on top and a little shorter hair on the sides. Consider, for example, a pompadour. Try to avoid a hair that falls down with the sides covered. This will make your head look even rounder.

Men with a round face shape

Men with a round face shape

The best hairstyle for an oval face

Do you have an oval face? Then you already have an edge with the women. It is said that the oval face shape is the most popular among women. You shouldn't take that too seriously, but it's still a fun fact for men with this type of face.

The oval face can have the widest variety of hairstyles of all face shapes. Go to the hairdresser and try out what is trending at the time. You can hardly go wrong with your choice.

Things you could pay attention to is that you keep your forehead somewhat free because otherwise your face will become rounder. A side part always works, a pompadour will look great on you and when you shave your sides even the mirror will look forward to the moment you stand in front of it again. But apart from these styles, you can do what you like. It's all possible.

Men with an oval face shape

Men with an oval face shape

The best haircut for a triangular face

The triangular face often has a nice wide jawline that narrows towards the chin, giving you a kind of triangular shape. The forehead is slightly narrower than with a square face. So it's best to go for fuller sides.

You can go for a part, a slick back or a French crop as long as you don't shave the sides. You just want to make that narrower forehead a bit wider.

Men with a triangular face shape

Men with a round face shape

The best hairstyle for a rectangular face

Also called elongated face, the shape is a bit between square and oval. Since you already have a long face, you want to go for a haircut that doesn't elongate your face. Go for a longer haircut on both the sides and the top.

Do not do a french crop, undercut or other haircuts with heavily shaved sides. It's best to do a pompadour, quiff or hair back, but don't cut the sides too short.

Men with a rectangular face shape

Men with a round face shape

The best hairstyle for a diamond shaped face

Chances are that you have a diamond-shaped face. It is quite a rare type of face. If you do, you have a somewhat narrower chin and forehead, but the cheekbones are a bit wider. It is therefore best to go for a hairstyle that gives a little more width to your chin and forehead.

Layers and fringes generally work well because they add definition to the forehead, and hairstyles that are a bit longer around the ears also work well for this face shape.

Don't leave the hair too short on the sides as it will make your ears look much bigger. You make your cheekbones appear even wider. Do you want to make your chin a little wider? Go for a stubble beard.

Men with a diamond-shaped face

Men with a diamond-shaped face

The best haircut for a heart-shaped face

A heart-shaped face is quite rare but more common than a diamond-shaped face. The top is a bit wider and it gets narrower at the bottom. So what you want to do is not let your chin come out too narrow. Do not go for a short shaved haircut. Go for a slightly longer haircut with more waves.

Do you want to widen your jawline and chin? Try a full beard. This way you give more width to the bottom of your face, so that the shape of your face is nicely balanced. Stubble always works well too.

Men with a heart-shaped face

Men with a heart-shaped face shape

Get advice on the best hair style

I understand that you don't always feel like figuring out what exactly suits you. This blog is also purely intended as advice to give you handles that you can pay attention to. Make it easy on yourself and find a good hairdresser who knows and sees these things.

In any case, it gives an explanation why not every hairstyle from a magazine looks on you the way you would like. Besides the fact that a haircut can look good on you, you will of course also have to take good care of your hair and you will have to use the right products for styling your hair.

Read more about this in the blogs below or ask your hairdresser for advice on the right products. Of course you can also call us or send an email with burning questions about products for your hair.

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