Anti-Aging for Men: Tips to prevent skin aging

Anti-Aging voor Mannen: Tips om huidveroudering tegen te gaan

Sometimes there are things that are difficult to influence. Like getting older. Aging. An irreversible process. So you better deal with it as relaxed as possible. One does that easier than the other. Wrinkles Happen .

So off to a clinic and let the botox or other remedies flow loosely into the skin through an injection, up to and including gentlemen who let it all go. Two extremes. But in general we still want to look vital and young for as long as possible.

It is not only the wrinkles and grooves, but also, for example, a pale complexion and dark circles under the eyes that make the skin look older than it actually is. There are several reasons for this.

A man often has somewhat heavier physical occupations. In addition, like the ladies, we don't stand in front of the mirror more often to give our skin the necessary TLC. Apart from shaving and perhaps putting a cream on the face, it often ends there.

And so the skin continues to age rapidly. But you can do something about that very easily. By keeping the skin in shape you can delay or camouflage anti-aging.

How can you slow down skin aging?

You can also see the aging process of the skin as the aging of a beautiful wine. With much love and dedication, this nectar develops into an attractive showpiece. However, this is based on commitment and discipline.

The grapes must be treated correctly in order to shine in old age. With this we want to indicate that you should keep a good routine to keep your skin in perfect condition.

It starts with preventive maintenance. You don't wax your car for nothing either. If you don't, the paint will deteriorate. With all its consequences. This is how you also treat the skin.

Just start with a daily basic skincare routine and the right products for this. We know you like simplicity and don't want to waste too much time, so keep it simple and effective. When you stand in front of the mirror:

  1. Start by using a mild facial cleanser , such as the Grown Alchemist Gentle Gel Facial Cleanser , and moisturizing cream. Do not wash your face with soap, as this will dry out your skin.
  2. After cleansing your face, use a high-quality anti-aging face cream to hydrate the skin. This slows down skin aging and ensures that your skin continues to look young and vital.
  3. Be sure to use an anti-aging eye cream . The skin under the eyes is very sensitive, thin and is actually the first to show. If you don't get enough sleep, you will soon see bags under the eyes. It is a very flabby area and prone to discoloration, wrinkles and lines. With a good anti-aging eye cream you ensure that these first signs of aging are visibly reduced.
  4. Apply an anti-aging mask before bed. As a result, the excellently active organic ingredients have plenty of time to hydrate and nourish the skin. Of course there are also night creams that help preserve the skin perfectly. You can learn more about this in ourarticle about night cream .

Drink as much water as possible

Pour in more than enough aqua. That is often a challenge for us men. Look, if we are talking about sufficient intake of ice-cold beer or a refined chardonnay, then we have a lot less trouble with that. But water. It doesn't taste like anything. We know.

Unless you put your mouth greedily to the kitchen faucet in Paris. Then you taste a strong chlorine taste . But commit yourself to drinking at least 1.5 liters of (spring) water a day. And: facial aging processes HATE water. It ensures that skin aging slows down in this way and, in the most favorable case, reverses it.

Simple: our skin is our largest organ. Organs are made up of cells. Cells consist of water. So you can imagine that those cells of ours respond enormously to proper hydration. They feel very comfortable with that.

When they dry out, they start to prance. Then the skin goes completely out of balance. Lesson: the skin must therefore be sufficiently hydrated to function optimally. So always make sure you have a water bottle or bottle with fresh water with you at home, on the road or at work. By the way, our tap water is of top quality, so what are you paying attention to? There is no cheaper way to keep your skin in the right condition.

Avoid the sun as much as possible

We'll keep hammering away at this. A little sun is very healthy, but try to avoid an abundance of sun as much as possible. Of course we love those warm rays, but sunbathing is done in moderation. UV radiation is the main cause of skin aging.

In fact, it damages the skin. If you do regularly camp in the sun, make sure you use a superior SPF with a high protection factor . Also make sure you reapply sunscreen every 2 hours because the effectiveness of a (high) SPF fades quickly. And don't forget, even in winter there is enough UV radiation that can damage your skin.

Live as healthy as possible

We kick in a few open doors again, but we keep hammering on it. A healthy way of life ensures a good condition. Also that of the skin. So that means that you exercise enough, eat excellent food, don't smoke and be moderate with alcohol. Smoking is also a thing. Maybe you know them in your area? People with a gray-gray glow. Those Diana Charité types.

Of course we all know our weak moments and we like to flout certain rules . We spend many sparkling nights and prefer to live like gods in France or Ibiza. Full in the sun with a cocktail in your hands.

However, that unfortunately affects our skin health. Skin aging then goes faster than you think. Thank God that we Alpha's have a variety of perfect anti-aging products in our virtual showcase to keep your tormented skin as flexible and elastic as possible. As long as possible!

Stay Young!

Your friends, The Alpha Men.