This way you let your perfume smell longer and better

Zo laat jij je parfum langer en beter ruiken

Smell is perhaps the most powerful sense we have. It is connected to the limbic system of the brain. For example, this system also regulates emotion. Smell and emotion are very connected. It is the most universal way to distinguish yourself. It triggers something in everyone. It has a big influence on how attractive you are found by different women, but can also be wonderful just to smell yourself.

There are quite a few questions about that smell. Because how do you make your perfume smell the best and especially the longest? Sometimes it seems like you can't smell your perfume after a few hours. There is also the danger of spraying too much. A big letdown and also a waste of your expensive bottle of perfume. Am I putting it on wrong? Am I not using a good perfume? We will answer all of these questions. After reading this article you will never have to worry about your perfume again.

Apply perfume to your pulse points

Pulse points are places on your body where you can feel your heartbeat and the skin is a bit thinner. Your skin is warmer here due to the temperature of the blood. Here are the best places to make perfume work at its best. These points are found at the throat, behind the earlobe, the temple, and the inside of the wrist and elbow.

Do not spray all pulse points now, but choose a few. Apply it with a spray from about 20 centimeters away. And remember: Never rub! As a result, the molecules break down and the smell can change or even disappear completely.

Apply perfume right after showering

If only because perfume can cause stains on your clothes. When you just get out of the shower, your skin is warm and the pores are still open. An ideal environment for a perfume to smell nice and strong and especially longer. Use a body lotion before applying the perfume. A perfume lasts much longer on oilier skin.

Use perfume with strong base notes

All perfumes consist of top notes, middle notes and base notes. They are different layers of scents with which a perfume is built. Top notes are the scents you smell first when spraying on. These are often fresh, fruity or sweet scents. It is also the odors that disappear the fastest. Usually after half an hour. The heart notes now emerge more and linger longer.

Finally, you keep smelling the base notes and they linger the longest by far. Examples of Strong base notes are woody: Cedar, pine and musk, or oriental: Patchouli, frankincense and vanilla. Look for strong base notes and you'll find lists of fragrances.

how to make perfume smell longer

Match the amount to the type of perfume

When you use an eau de parfum you naturally need much less than when you use an eau de cologne or eau de toilette . Read the blog about the differences between the perfume types here. Two to a maximum of three squirts are enough when you use an eau de parfum. Also, a light and fresh scent will dissipate faster than a heavy woody or spicy scent. So be careful with this.

Keep in mind the season

The temperature in the environment has a strong influence on how long a perfume carries the scent. At a warmer temperature, a perfume will smell stronger because perfume is activated by heat. Therefore, a lighter perfume is generally worn in summer.

On the other hand, a perfume evaporates faster in the summer and will have to be applied more often when a lighter variant such as an eau de cologne or eau de toilette is used. In winter, the perfume will be less intense but will last longer. This allows a heavier scent to be used in winter. But be careful not to smell like an exploded incense pot.

Trust Your Nose (Don't)

When you spray your perfume and you smell it, others can smell it too. Don't go too far with this. When you wear the perfume for a while, your sense of smell will adjust to this. After a while you can barely smell it yourself. This can be very deceptive. Because you now tend to add extra perfume or come to the conclusion that the perfume is not good. While other people around you will really smell your perfume. Are you really hesitating? Ask someone in your area if the perfume is smelled.

Keep your perfume cool and dark

When your collection of perfumes comes into contact with too much light and heat, the fragrances are broken down. Even when the bottle is still unopened. It can greatly change the smell. It can even irritate the skin. Store it in a cool, dry and dark place.

No bathrooms because the moisture can get into the perfume. The best is a cupboard in your room in a dark drawer. Do you live in a very humid environment? Then put it in the fridge.

Our favorite perfumes for men

Wonderful unisex perfume

Acca Kappa - White Moss Eau de Parfum

Truly one of the most famous Acca Kappa fragrance lines. This unisex scent is slightly aromatic but also nice and fresh. You can actually wear this fragrance anywhere, anytime.

Top notes:
Cardamom - Geranium

Heart Notes:
Violet leaves - Iris - Leather - Bay leaves

Base notes:
Amber - Vanilla - Incense - Vetiver - Cistus

Buy masculine heavy fragrance

Captain Fawcett - Booze & Baccy Eau de Parfum

This very masculine perfume was created from a collaboration between Captain Fawcett and Ricki Hall. This perfume has a very masculine and heavy scent and should be worn with confidence. It leaves you smelling like the man coming home from a night of whiskey drinking at the cigar club. We like it.

Top notes:

bay rum, zesty orange & bergamot

Heart Notes:

fresh galbanum, white thyme & coriander

Base notes:

honeyed fresh tobacco leaves, dusty aromatic frankincense, maple-like benzoin & warm exotic vanilla bean

Acca Kappa 1869 eau de parfum

Acca Kappa - 1869 Eau de Parfum

Lovely warm perfume that gives away hints of leather. Makes the man mysterious and charismatic.

Top notes:

Cardamom - Geranium

Heart Notes:

Violet leaves - Iris - Leather - Bay leaves

Base notes:

Amber - Vanilla - Incense - Vetiver - Cistus

buy monte cristo perfume

MonteCristo - Delegating Eau de Parfum

This premium perfume from Montecristo comes in a very nice packaging. A woody spicy masculine blend with energetic notes. This eau de parfum has a concentration of 20% perfume which makes it noticeable for a long time.

Top notes:

bergamot, grapefruit, pink pepper

Heart Notes:

black pepper, Elemi, Geranium

Base notes:

cedarwood, vetiver, patchouli, tonka bean.