Talcum powder after shaving

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Talcum powder is not only suitable for baby bottoms. No, this panacea has been used for centuries to make your shave more comfortable. When you let yourself be pampered by a real barber, you will also notice that this mineral is used as the last step in the process. Using talcum powder after wet shaving is becoming a forgotten art and we should not simply accept that. Time to take a closer look at all the ins-and-outs of talcum powder after shaving.

What is talcum powder?

Everyone knows talcum powder, but what is it actually? Talcum powder is, simply put, a powder of talc. Talc comes from the clay mineral magnesium silicate. This mineral is known for its refreshing, calming and, above all, absorbent effect. Excess oil, sweat and grease are therefore effortlessly absorbed by talcum powder.

Not only the absorbent effect is ideal for shaving, but talcum powder will also reduce friction. Your razor will therefore glide more smoothly over your skin, which will prevent razor burns and irritations.

Benefits of talcum powder

Okay, we've already mentioned quite a few benefits. But talcum powder is used by the professionals for a reason. Let's put all the benefits together.

  • Calms and refreshes your skin
  • Moisture, sweat and excess oil are absorbed effortlessly
  • Your skin will feel pleasantly dry and soft
  • Friction from the razor will be reduced
  • Razor burns and razor burns are prevented
  • A dry or burning sensation is prevented
  • Talcum powder will give your skin a matte complexion
  • This miracle cure costs very little money!

How should you use talcum powder after shaving?

It is always an option to copy the art from the artist. In this case, the authentic barber. He will apply talcum powder with his hands to your face and/or neck. You apply it with your hands because you then have the most control over the powder.

It is also an option to put some talcum powder in a towel and move your towel over your face and / or neck. Make sure that the talcum powder is evenly distributed.

Other men use a shaving brush and this is certainly a good option. In this way you 'powder' your skin in a controlled manner and you know exactly which parts you have already provided with talcum powder.

Is talcum powder good for your skin?

We also powder baby bottoms with talcum powder. That says enough. In fact, talcum powder is made from the softest mineral on earth. So yes, talcum powder is good for your skin! It's a natural mineral with no added chemicals, otherwise we wouldn't trust this stuff on innocent babies either.

There is a myth that talcum powder can cause cancer. However, more than 40 years of scientific research has been done by various independent scientists. All these scientists have unanimously concluded that talcum powder is not dangerous for anyone or anything.

What is the best talcum powder?

This answer is of course different for each person. Of course we do have our absolute favourites! And who would we be if we didn't share it with you? Then they come.

  • Clubman Pinaud Finest Powder
  • The name says it all, this talcum powder is the finest powder. This classic product can undoubtedly be found at the real barbers. It disinfects your skin, closes shaving wounds, prevents irritations and counteracts the shiny effect of shaving. This talcum powder is made of microfine powder and is therefore a lot easier to absorb through the skin. As a result, oils, fat and sweat will be absorbed without any problem.

  • Proraso Talcum Powder Mint & Rosemary
  • This post shaving powder is your best friend after a good shave. Your skin will become softer and smoother and the risk of razor cuts and razor burns will be prevented. Excess fat and sebum is absorbed without any problem and your skin will feel wonderfully soft and cared for. The talcum powder contains the warm scent of cloves and rosemary. This will add an extra dimension of freshness.

  • The Bluebeards Revenge Talc For Men
  • A classic product, but with a new look. Your skin is kept free of sweat, excess oils and sweat. Your skin is wonderfully cared for and cooled by, among other things, cucumber and aloe vera extracts. Your skin will no longer shine, but look matte in a well-groomed way. This talcum powder is specially designed for keeping your body and face dry.

    We can therefore conclude that a talcum powder is essential for ending a good shave. Talcum powder is a must-have in every bathroom cabinet, a treat for your skin. We hope you will appreciate this ancient product. Now it may be that you still have questions, please feel free to contact us! We're happy to help. You know where to find us!