Beard maintenance: how to care for your beard?

Baard onderhouden: hoe zorg je voor je baard?

Maintain your beard. Whether you have a short or long beard, proper care is important to let it grow healthy. So you don't getitchy beard , dry hair, dullness, beard rose and skin irritation.

Just a healthy shiny beard that feels nice and soft and comfortable. And that doesn't even add up to much. By purely applying the tips, tricks and care products below, you and your beard will become great friends.

Why is beard care important?

A long, full beard requires more work than a stubble or short beard. And there are quite a few different types of beard hairs. How fast do these hairs grow and how stiff are they? Are you lucky enough to grow a full beard or are there holes here and there? Are the hairs thin or thicker in shape?

All these different beard types and lengths require tailor-made beard care. One beard only needs a good beard shampoo and a natural beard oil. Another beard needs beard conditioner and beard oil. Below are the main reasons to give your beard the right TLC.

  • Keeping your beard clean is hygienic
  • It reduces itching and beard dandruff
  • Hydrates dry skin and beard hair
  • Softens the stiff beard hairs
  • Gives shine to dull beard hairs

How do you maintain a budding beard?

If you have just left your beard, it is important that you take good care of the beard hairs and your skin underneath. Especially when the first hairs appear, they can irritate the skin. The road to a beautiful beard is quite a bumpy ride that your skin has to go through. So start taking care of your beard right away by using a good beard oil to soften your underlying skin and the starting beard hairs. That hurts enormously.

How do you maintain a stubble beard?

If you only want a well-groomed stubble, a good beard trimmer is the instrument to keep your stubble in optimal shape and length. With these very short stubble of 1 to 4 mm you can make the difference in looks. With a safety razor you can align the contours tightly. In addition, it is also very important to use a good beard oil here. In addition, we recommend adding the following care products to your beard and skin care routine:

How do you maintain a short beard?

A short beard can cause irritation, especially because of the hard hairs that seem to bite your skin. These beard hairs are about 1 to 3 cm long and they make it challenging for you to continue to grow a beautiful beard.

By massaging beard oil you can easily prevent that starting itch, irritation and rash. Beard oil moisturizes and nourishes so that your short beard feels soft. The best approach for a healthy short beard? Listed below for you point by point:

How do you maintain a medium beard?

Of course you need a little more maintenance on a medium beard than on the shorter versions. What do you need to properly care for this type of beard?

How do you maintain a long beard?

The chance that you still suffer from beard itch with a long beard is smaller than with a short beard. That doesn't alter the fact that your full beard needs a lot of TLC. Unlike your hair on your head, the hair follicles in your face cannot sufficiently moisturize long beard hairs. So you cannot avoid feeding your beard hair every day, otherwise it will end up as a hard and dry plaque and will literally fall out. So, what tools do you need for this?

  • Beard shampoo
  • Beard conditioner
  • Beard oil (6 to 8 drops)
  • Beard balm (2 to 4 fingertips)
  • Mustache wax (1 fingertip)
  • Beard brush

All beard lengths at a glance

  • Stubble beard: 0.1mm - 5mm
    - Short stubble (5'o clock shadow): 0.1 mm – 2 mm
    - Medium stubble (medium stubble): 2 mm – 4 mm
    - Long stubble (long stubble): 5 mm
  • Short beard: 5mm - 1.5cm
  • Medium beard: 1.5cm - 7.5cm
  • Long beard: 7.5 cm+

Did you know that you can also get a complete beard care set from us? Then you are immediately complete to make your beard shine from start to finish. Without beard itch and irritations!

Last tip? If you find the natural color of your long(er) beard too light, we recommend that you use a good beard dye . For example, can you make it just that shade darker so that it better matches the color of your hair!

If you have any questions about beard maintenance, we would of course like to hear them. Always happy to help you out.

Good luck!

Your friends, The Alpha Men.