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Mulle travel

Mühle takes the traveler into account. Whether it's a business trip or a weekend away; fine products specially designed for traveling make everything a lot easier. All products are designed for easy portability and storage.


Mühle travel shaving set

The Mühle travel shaving set is complete and ideal to take with you on a trip. The full set from Mühle includes a Gillette Fusion razor and a Mühle Silvertip Fiber Shaving Brush . This shaving brush consists of three parts, making it easy to disassemble and therefore fits in every toiletry bag.

Both the razor and the shaving brush fit perfectly in the supplied leather case. This case is made of authentic Florentine leather work.


Mühle travel shaving brushes

The lightweight Mühle shaving brushes are specially designed to take with you on a trip. This is because the shaving brushes are easy to disassemble into three parts and therefore fit in every toiletry bag . The hairs of the Silvertip shaving brush are well protected along the way by the tube in which the hairs fit.

The Mühle travel shaving brushes are available in aluminum and chrome.


Mühle travel shaving case

In the Mühle Safety Razor Shaving Pouch, every safety razor can be safely taken on a trip. The Mühle shaving cases are specially designed to safely transport all traditional Mühle safety razors, even without a blade guard!

The shaving case is available in brown and black leather. This leather is entirely artisanal and handmade by Florentine artisans. The quality is therefore excellent.


The shaving brand Mühle

Mühle is a leader in the shaving industry. This is due to their years of expertise combined with passionate craftsmanship. Their artistic view of their products is enhanced by all the attention, time and knowledge that the brand puts into the products.

Mühle is one of the few brands in the world to offer a full range for wet shaving . The brand has therefore also designed different types of razors, shaving bowls, razor blades and many accessories. The products can be effortlessly combined with each other because everything is perfectly coordinated.

Mühle products are all designed on a natural basis and therefore do not contain any harmful substances.



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