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Muhle shaving soap

Using a good shaving soap will make your shave a lot more comfortable. The result will be smoother and shaving irritation will be prevented. The use of a shaving soap is part of the traditional way of shaving and is an absolute must in the routine of the man who loves wet shaving .


Why buy shaving soap from Mühle?

Mühle shaving soap is high-quality, affordable and pleasant to use. By means of a formula with vegetable glycerine, a full shaving foam will be created that can retain water well. The beard hairs will be softened so that your shave will automatically be a lot more comfortable. The underlying skin is optimally protected, so that irritation or shaving wounds will be a thing of the past.

Mühle shaving soap is available as a shaving stick or traditional shaving soap. Mühle has also developed special shaving soap refill packaging.

The Mühle shaving soaps are available in various lightly scented scents and editions.


Mühle shaving soap Aloe Vera

Suitable for all skin types, but especially for sensitive skin. The formula contains pulp from cultivated aloe plants in the Mediterranean region. The special ingredients contain a high moisture content so that your facial skin is soothed and cared for during shaving. Aloe vera is known as a medicinal plant for its calming and regenerating effect.


Muhle shaving soap Sandalwood

The sandalwood line is specially designed for dry to normal skin. The ingredients come from hand-selected essences of the Eastern Sandalwood tree. Sandalwood is known for its nourishing and moisturizing effect that will positively stimulate all the senses in the skin.


Mühle shaving soap Sea Buckthorn

This shaving soap from Mühle is suitable for all skin types. The formula contains sea buckthorn extract which is rich in palmitic acid. Palmitic acid will naturally support the skin's regeneration process. The Sea Buckthorn contains a wonderful scent of lime and orange.


How do I use Mühle shaving soap?

Foam up the Mühle shaving soap in a shaving bowl with a shaving brush . Then apply the shaving soap to your face using a shaving brush and let it work for a few minutes. Next, shave your face with a sharp razor such as a shavette or safety razor . Then rinse your face with clean, lukewarm water. Then use a Mühle aftershave to care for your face after shaving.


The shaving brand Mühle

Mühle is an absolute leader when it comes to shaving products. The brand is known for their passion, care and attention combined with industrial expertise and artistic craftsmanship.

To make it as easy as possible for you, Mühle has developed a complete product range for wet shaving. Think of shaving bowls, razors, shaving brushes, razor blades and various types of accessories. All models can be combined well with each other because they are perfectly matched.

Mühle products are made on a natural basis, without any addition of harmful substances.


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