Muhle razor blades

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Muhle razor blades

Double edge razor blades are interchangeable razor blades for your safety razor or shavette . A double edge blade is durable, comfortable and a lot cheaper than the often more well-known cartridge razor .

Double edge blades are an essential in the bathroom of any fan of wet shaving . Many connoisseurs swear by using these sharp blades.


Why buy double edge razor blades from Mühle?

When you learn to shave with double edge razor blades you don't want anything else. The shaving brand Mühle has years of experience and is known as one of the frontrunners in this industry. The Mühle blades are therefore also designed to perfection. All double edge blades contain a sharpness of 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest. The Mühle blades have a sharpness of 3.5. This makes them very sharp, but certainly still manageable.


How do I shave with double edge razor blades from Mühle?

A double edge blade is easy to load into your safety razor. With these Mühle blades you no longer have to put pressure on your skin. Just let the blades do their job and glide slowly over your skin. Place your razor at a 30-degree angle to your face and shave with the hair growth. You shave yourself quickly and smoothly in a comfortable and very efficient way.


The shaving brand Mühle

The shaving brand Mühle is known for their artistic craftsmanship and industrial expertise. Combine this with passion, care and attention and then you have the core of Mühle. This brand is one of the few brands in the world to offer a complete product range for wet shaving.

Mühle offers shaving brushes , shaving bowls , razors, razor blades and all associated accessories. All models are perfectly matched and can therefore be combined very well with each other.

Mühle products are made on a natural basis, without any addition of harmful substances.



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