Muhle shaving brushes

Muhle shaving brushes

When you work according to the guidelines of wet shaving , the shaving brush is probably not an unknown tool. You always use a shaving brush in combination with a high-quality shaving soap and often with a shaving bowl. A shaving brush consists of a short handle with a cluster of hairs on the head. These hairs hold the shaving soap well, so that it is easy to apply to your skin.


Why buy shaving brushes from Mühle?

Mühle shaving brushes come in all shapes, sizes and materials. Whether you are looking for a shaving brush with a porcelain model, or a badger hair shaving brush. The Mühle shaving brushes are of high quality and are a true gift for any fan of wet shaving. Shaving brushes from Mühle will make your shave a lot more comfortable.


Mühle Black Fiber shaving brush

The hairs of Mühle Black Fiber shaving brushes contain black fiber. These hairs fall below the top of the synthetic hairs because they are almost as soft as real silvertip badger hairs. The great thing about black fiber is that they last a very long time and provide a rich and creamy foam.

The handles of the black fiber shaving brushes from Mühle differ from ash wood, carefully polished black precious resin and plum wood.


Muhle Graudas shaving brush

The bristles of the Mühle Graudas shaving brushes are made from the most common type of badger hair. These thick and sturdy hairs will be able to retain water very well and provide a thick foam. These hairs also provide a lot of counter pressure, making these hairs ideal for men who like a close shave.

The handles of the graudas shaving brushes from Mühle differ from ash wood, precious resin in mint green and precious wood in chic black.


Mühle Silvertip shaving brush

The bristles of the Mühle Silvertip shaving brushes are made from the highest quality badger hair. Only 10 to 15% of all badger hairs meet this high quality, only the best of the best hairs are selected. A silvertip shaving brush contains more hair than a normal shaving brush, because the hair itself is not thick. The Mühle silvertip shaving brushes are best able to hold a large capacity of water, which will create a rich and creamy shaving foam.

The handles of the silvertip shaving brushes from Mühle differ from black precious resin and chrome in different sizes.


Mühle Silvertip Fiber shaving brush

The bristles of the Mühle Silvertip Fiber shaving brushes are made of high-quality synthetic bristles. The synthetic fibers belong to the top of synthetic brush bristles. The qualities are in many areas the same as the normal silvertip shaving brushes and has the ability to retain a large amount of water. Silvertip fiber will create a dense, creamy foam and protect your skin.

The handles of the silvertip fiber shaving brushes from Mühle differ from anodized aluminum, chrome, imitation ivory and precious resin.


How do I use Mühle shaving brushes?

  1. Wet your face with lukewarm water
  2. Wet the shaving brush with lukewarm water
  3. Make sure the shaving brush is wet, but not soaked
  4. Whip up shaving soap in a shaving bowl with your shaving brush
  5. Move your shaving brush back and forth on your face
  6. Let the shaving cream work for a few minutes
  7. Start shaving
  8. Rinse your shaving brush and blow it dry
  9. Store it neatly


The shaving brand Mühle

Mühle is a leader in the world of shaving. This is partly due to the combination of industrial expertise and artistic craftsmanship. The brand is also known for their years of experience, passion, care and attention in and for the profession.

Mühle have thought of everything and this is reflected in their full range of wet shaving products. The brand has all possible products, including the best razors , shaving bowls, razor blades and multiple accessories for shaving. The great thing about all these Mühle products is that everything can be combined with each other. All products are very well coordinated.

Mühle ensures that all their products are made on a natural basis and therefore do not contain any harmful substances.


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