Which safety razor suits you best?

Welke safety razor past het beste bij jou?

You have finally made the choice to switch to shaving with a safety razor , very good! Or you already shave with a safety razor but are not satisfied with your current razor. That is very good. The safety razor you shave with can have a major impact on the result. Fortunately, every pot has a lid and there is always one that suits you.

Every man is different. One has little beard growth and large hands and the other has a very dense beard growth, small hands and very sensitive skin. Those are important factors when looking for a safety razor. In addition, it also makes a lot of difference whether you are a beginner or advanced in the field of shaving with a safety razor. If you've ever wondered why the hell there are so many types of safety razors on the market, you've now found the answer.

To find a safety razor that suits you, we will show you which factors are important to take into account. A safety razor consists of different parts that can differ greatly per model.

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The difference between an open and closed comb

Closed comb

The comb of a safety razor is available in open and closed versions. The closed variant is the most common and is the most recommended for beginners. At the end of the base plate is a continuous guide that guides the blade over the skin. As a result, the skin is less exposed to the blade. This reduces the chance of cutting you. That makes it suitable for beginners. It requires a less precise technique. Even men with a light beard growth can often do well with a closed comb .

Open Kam

With a safety razor with an open comb , that continuous conductor is not there. The base plate ends in a kind of teeth. Many people therefore experience a safety razor with an open comb as a lot more aggressive. But it also has a number of advantages. Especially for men with a heavier beard growth.

Due to the open teeth, an open comb takes less shaving foam with it during shaving movements. As a result, there is less resistance over the skin. Also, fewer hairs remain in the razor , so that the blades can do their job better.

An open comb exposes a much larger portion of the blade to the skin. The result will therefore be even smoother.

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Adjustable comb

There are also safety razors that are adjustable. This way you determine the space between the shaving head and the blade and how aggressively the safety razor shaves. This is often a godsend for men who do not shave on a regular basis. Light and short hairs require a less aggressive razor. When the hair is a bit longer, an open comb is more suitable. This way, hairs are also better transported to the back, which reduces the risk of ingrown hairs.

The combination is very important

An open comb does not necessarily have to be very aggressive. The combination with the double edge blade is important here. Is a razor-sharp blade used or a somewhat milder one? Also, not every open comb is open equally. With a too 'mild' closed comb you could also use a more aggressive double edge blade.

The weight of a safety razor

An important rule when shaving with a safety razor is that you should let the blade do the work. This is important for a good result without irritation after shaving. The weight of the safety razor plays a major role in this. The heavier the safety razor is, the less you have to do yourself. With a safety razor that is too light, you will have to apply more force yourself and the chance that you will press too much is greater. The shaving movement will also be less smooth. Ultimately, you also have a grip on this yourself because of the position of the knife in your hand. This is because you determine the weight distribution in the knife. So you can practice with this.

The length of the handle

With safety razors there is often a difference in the length of the handle. For example, if you have large hands, a longer or thicker handle might be easier for you. On the other hand, a shorter handle makes the razor more manoeuvrable. This is especially easy when counter shaving.

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Screw or butterfly closure

There are actually two different closures on safety razors. For example, there is the butterfly closure, with which you turn the handle and the shaving head opens like two doors and the blade can be placed. This is slightly faster than changing with a screw cap. The downside is that it contains moving parts and is slightly more fragile. But with careful use, it can last just as long.

The screw cap may consist of two or three parts. You literally unscrew these parts from each other. This can be the handle and top plate, but also the handle, head and top plate. The advantage of this is that it is very easy to clean and it hardly ever breaks.

Brands and price ranges

The prices of safety razors vary quite a bit. The difference in those prices is mainly due to the choice of materials and finish. The more expensive safety razors are finished in detail with great precision. We do not recommend starting with the most expensive safety razors, but certainly not the very cheap models. There is often a good middle ground. Especially with well-regarded brands such as Merkur , Muhle and Rockwell .

The best Safety Razors for you

With the above factors to take into account, we have selected the best and most popular safety razors per criteria so that you can make the best choice for yourself.

Selection of safety razors with closed comb

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Mulle R89

High-quality safety razor that fits well in the hand and is mild enough for beginners. Also suitable for advanced users with a light beard growth. Also available with an even longer handle.

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Merkur 34C

This safety razor is about as mild as the R89 but has a shorter handle which makes it extra maneuverable and perfect for men with smaller hands. Has a very fine weight balance.

Selection of safety razors with open comb

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Mulle R41

One of the most aggressive safety razors. Good technique is required for shaving with this model. Perfect for very heavy beard growth and the smoothest possible result.

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Merkur 25C

Milder than the R41 but a very nice safety razor with somewhat longer teeth. This is ideal for taking longer beard hairs. This prevents ingrown hairs and irritation after shaving.

Selection of adjustable safety razors

If you shave very irregularly, it might be nice to be able to set how aggressive the razor should be.

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Rockwell Razors Model T

Rockwell Razors is not yet as well known as Muhle or Merkur, for example, but makes very good safety razors. Their Model T is the flagship and can be set up to your liking. The finish is sublime and this safety razor is therefore very popular in the shaving community.

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Merkur Futur

This safety razor has long proven itself and is often the safety razor of choice when people want an adjustable razor.

Good value for money

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RazoRock Sloc Knurled Handle

RazoRock's mission is to make shaving fun for everyone. That means it has to be affordable. With this safety razor, RazoRock has succeeded in delivering great quality at an affordable price. Perfect for both beginners and experts.