What is a Slant Safety Razor?

Wat is een Slant Safety Razor?

Get addicted to a real shave. Not cowards. No. Like an Ivanhoe. Or ready for a next level shave? Besides your 'standard' safety razor something radical ? Then slide down a bit!

What is a Slant Safety Razor?

The slant safety razor is derived from the regular safety razor. The version with a straight fixed shaving head also with double edge blades inside . Only the slant has a crooked, twisted head, which is also fixed to the frame and is not adjustable.

The non-adjustable shaving head therefore does not move with the shaving movements you make. However, due to the inclination of this type of blade, you can cut through the beard hair in a very comfortable way instead of chopping it. With the safety razor with a straight shaving surface, you shave more over the beard hairs, so that the hairs are pushed in a little more.

In this way, the shaving result is slightly less smooth than with the slant with an oblique cutting surface. With the slant, the face feels a little less rough after shaving. Smoother. Yes.

The slanted head of the slant cuts more easily, less aggressively, over the beard hairs because this system experiences less resistance. That's why this knife is also slightly more suitable for the stiff full beard hairs and if you have sensitive skin due to its slanted shaving head.

Due to the twisted head, this safety razor cuts with a little more space between blade and skin. As a result, the knife does not push too much against the stubble, so that these beard hairs also press less against the skin. They are cut directly and smoothly at an angle . Of course, this also yields benefits with regard to possible irritations. These are nil with this way of shaving and results in a smoother, more comfortable shave.

How does the Slant Safety Razor work?

This type of razor, like a regular safety razor, does not cut the beard hairs / stubble straight off, but approaches the hair and skin in a different way. Due to the slanted shaving head, this blade hits the hair at an angle, so that less pressure is exerted on the hair follicles and the stubble is shaved off more smoothly and not 'chopped'.

It's all a bit more efficient because of this way of 'gliding over the skin'. The blade slides diagonally across the skin and therefore also grabs more skin (and hairs) in 1 stroke.

Because of these properties, the slant knife is also popular with men with thick beard hairs. Coarse stubble. The 'cut' is just that little bit more comfortable. You also feel that, partly due to the weight of the knife, you have to put less pressure when you slide the slant safety razor from top to bottom over the stubble. You notice immediate results.

Due to the slanted position of the blade, you feel that you are efficiently cutting away the hairs without having to use any force. Because of this way of shaving, the chance of damaging the hair follicles is also many times smaller. Just let the slant do the work.

IKON SAFETY RAZORS Safety Razor B1 Slant

The properties of the slant safety razor:

  • Because a slant safety razor has 1 double-sided blade (blade), instead of the disposables with several blades on top of each other, there is less chance of damaging the skin. During a shave, only 1 blade passes over the skin instead of 3 or more. In the latter case, the risk of irritation, shaving pimples or red rash (razor burn) is greater. Your skin simply has more to endure with multiple blades - during 1 stroke.
  • Due to the slanted placement of the razor , you need to exert less pressure than with a regular safety razor with a straight head. As a result, the hair follicles simply have less to fear, making a shave a relaxed exercise without nasty irritations.
  • Because the blade in the slant safety razor, due to the slanted position, cuts more easily through the hair and therefore glides extremely effectively, this also has an effect on the lifespan of the double edge blades. As a rule, they therefore last a little longer than the blades in the regular safety razer with a straight shaving head. Let alone the disposables…
  • A slant safety razor is also excellent for wet shaving of the neck due to its shape.

How to shave with a Slant Razor

Shaving with a Slant safety razor really feels different than when you are in the bathroom with the 'commercial' knives (disposables). Apart from the fact that in the end it is many times cheaper and more sustainable. With the slant you can shave very precisely.

Also to be able to update the contours of your carefully grown beard, for example. It is also not surprising that barbers in particular recommend working with a slant safety razor.

If you decide to switch to a Slant Safety Razor, here are a number of tips that you should definitely consider and take into account before you pick up this type of knife:

  • It is useful to experiment with various blades. There are many types of double edge blades with different sharpnesses and qualities on the market; think of brands such as Derby , Gillette and Feather . Performance may vary by blade. Start with 1 type of knife with not too much sharpness (2-3). Then not only scrape over the skin, but also on your technique. When you feel that you have mastered this nicely, you can alternate with 3 to 4 other types of blades. Varying in sharpness. Then you will automatically find out which double edge knife suits you best.
  • When you start working with a slant, it is also necessary to experiment at which angle you place the slanted blade on the skin. This also has to do with the different types of blades. With one you will have to use the slant safety razor with the frame just a little straighter or more obliquely than with the other. In principle, you place the knife at an angle of 30 degrees to the skin. You can feel the resistance yourself whether the blade glides over the skin in the most efficient way and cuts through the beard hairs. A more aggressive type of double edge knife will also have an effect on which position you use the slant.
  • With a good Slant Safety Razor you hardly have to put any pressure on the skin. This in contrast to the light commercial knives with disposable cassettes. With the slant you have a serious instrument in your hands. Due to the weight of this razor, it glides naturally over the beard hairs and skin. It has contact with the skin without you having to apply force. Think of it as a sharp saw that also lets you 'do the work' when you 'cycle' an oak plank in half. You move the safety razor very gently over the skin. Be careful in the beginning anyway because you are dealing with a sharp blade with which you shave over the skin in an oblique way for the first time. It really is a different sensation than with the disposable systems. But you will soon feel that.

Of course it is also important that when you start with a professional razor like the Slant you actually also have to 'invest' in real and high-quality shaving soaps. A preshave and an aftershave on the shelf help with an extremely successful and comfortable shave. And once you switch to a slant? You never want anything else.

If you still have questions regarding this new way of 'bush wacken', we would of course like to hear from you! Of course you can also consult with your barber. Then it simply cannot go wrong.

Slainte! Would they shout in Scotland. And that means: health! This also applies to your skin when you give it TLC with a real shaving system.

Good luck with your Slant Safety Razor!

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