The Barber's Shaving Ritual

't Scheerritueel van de Barbier

You might consider it a lost art, a good shave . Most men today have no idea how shaving used to be and why those men took so much time for a simple shave. The answer to this is short, because it's nice!

Disposable blades and fast shaving have been the trend in shaving now and in recent years. And yes, it's easy to finish shaving in 5 minutes. But gentlemen, take the time to pamper yourself at least once a week and visit your barber for a traditional shave or just do it at home and follow the next steps.

The hot towel

Preparation is half the work. This also applies to shaving. The classic barber takes the time to prepare your skin and hair for shaving, starting with a warm towel. Hold your towel under the hot tap for a while and wring it out, make sure it is at a comfortable temperature and place the towel over your beard. Let the towel rest on your skin for a few minutes and enjoy this relaxation.

The heat in combination with the moisture ensures that the pores of your skin open and the beard hairs become softer and thicker. This will make them easier to shield later. For the optimal barber feeling, sprinkle the towel with some essential oils. Think of beard oil or shaving oil , these care for the skin and hair and give you that original barber scent.

Pre shave treatment

After the towel comes the pre-shave treatment, this is the treatment for soaping the beard . During the pre-shave treatment, the hair is massaged with essential oils, which you do with a shaving oil . This makes the hair of the beard softer, making it easier to shave later. Very long beards are trimmed during this phase for a comfortable shave.


Finally we are ready for the most beautiful part of the whole shaving, lathering the beard. Soap with a shaving brush and shaving soap . Take your time and let the brush go over your skin with circular movements, so that you take the hairs with you from all sides. The foam that is released during soaping has the most important property of retaining moisture. Moisture causes the hairs of the beard to become softer and thicker, so are the hairs A beard oil kit that a barber can use while shaving easier to shave. Leave a nice thick layer of soap on your beard before you start shaving.


We went through this whole process for this, shaving the beard hairs. Your face is now covered with a thick layer of foam and you can start shaving. You can shave with a Mach3 , Straight Razor or a Safety Razor . Your barber will probably opt for a Straight Razor, but these blades require some practice, so we can imagine if you grab your Mach3. You start shaving where the hairs are softest, for example on your sideburns, and slowly work your way up to the hardest hairs, which are usually on your chin. Rinse or wipe your Razor regularly while shaving.


After shaving, the cold towel follows, the same principle as the hot towel but with cold water. Let it rest on your face for a while. The pores of your skin will then close, preventing irritations. After you have cleaned your skin of shaving soap, apply an after shave . This cares for the skin after shaving, so that you do not have a tight feeling.

After such a shave you feel like a man!