Aftershave: the differences between balm, lotion and splash

Aftershave: de verschillen tussen balsem, lotion en splash

You would like to buy an aftershave. While you're searching, you suddenly come across all sorts of different terms like ' aftershave lotion ' or ' aftershave balm '. Uh, what now? You don't want a hassle with difficult terms, but just a product that you can put on after shaving. We are going to help you with that.

All men put some on their face after shaving. At least, we hope so. But why are we actually doing that? What is after shave? What is it good for, and does it matter which one you buy? Let's tell you it matters quite a lot. We will therefore explain to you what the differences are and which aftershave you can buy best.

Why do we use aftershave?

Good to know before you make a choice is why we actually put aftershave on our skin. To first clear up the biggest misunderstanding, an aftershave is not intended as a perfume. Yes, aftershaves of course have different scents, but they dissipate fairly quickly. The concentration of fragrance components is even lower than in an eau de cologne and therefore not particularly suitable for use purely as a fragrance.

When we shave, our pores open. This makes your skin vulnerable to bacterial infections. The aftershave is primarily intended to immediately close those pores again. Aftershave has an astringent effect on your skin. An aftershave is therefore often a solution for small wounds. But of course we all have different skin types. That is why there are also different types of aftershaves. They all do more or less something different for your skin.

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What is after shave?

The classic aftershave is usually just called after shave or splash. Most of them do not have a spray function. This is the classic liquid aftershave that everyone knows. The odor percentage in an aftershave is very low at 2 to 4% and it therefore evaporates fairly quickly.

Aftershaves often contain a certain percentage of alcohol. This disinfects the skin and ensures that the pores close immediately. It does, however, often give a very tingling sensation on the skin. Not everyone likes that. If you have sensitive or very dry skin, these aftershaves are not really suitable for you.

Properties of an aftershave:

  • Have a refreshing and tingling effect
  • Thinner in substance than a lotion or balm
  • Contains a lot of alcohol for the disinfecting effect
  • Least odor percentage


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What is After Shave Lotion?

The aftershave lotion contains more moisturizing ingredients than a balm. Aftershave lotions contain little or no alcohol, but often contain more mineral oils. These ensure that you do not get dry skin after shaving. So if you suffer from dry skin, the aftershave lotion can be the right aftershave for you. Aftershave lotion is often more intense in terms of scent than normal aftershaves, but just as liquid as the classic aftershave.

Do you suffer from acne ? It is better not to use aftershave lotion because of the glycerine that is often in it. Then a regular aftershave or aftershave balm is a better option.

Properties of after shave lotion:

  • Contains little to no alcohol
  • Hydrates the skin
  • Often has a stronger smell
  • Makes the skin soft
  • As fluid as an aftershave


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What is After Shave Balm?

Aftershave balms are actually meant to soften and moisturize the skin. Natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera and Allantoin are often used for this. In addition, the essential Jojoba, Castor, Castor, Coconut and Avocado oils are often also part of a good aftershave balm.

Aftershave balm is ideal for men who suffer from sensitive or dry skin. Even if you suffer from irritation after shaving or a burning sensation, an aftershave balm is the best solution. Compared to lotions, aftershave balm is even thicker and creamier. They also have the most subtle scent of all aftershaves.

Properties of after shave balm:

  • Aftershave balm helps best against irritation and a burning sensation after shaving
  • Looks more like a cream than a lotion and splash
  • Contains no alcohol
  • Hydrates and cares for the skin the best
  • Soft fragrance notes

We select the best aftershaves for you

Look at your own skin and which of the above properties best suit your preference. Were you able to make a choice? Then just see which products are the best. We have put together a top 10 of products that we think are very good for every type of aftershave.

We dare to say out loud that there is a perfect aftershave for every face. Whether that is a splash, lotion or balm. If you still have questions, please know that you can always contact us. That's what we're here for. You know where to find us!

Good luck!

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