Why SA.AL&CO is one of the best brands for skin care

Waarom SA.AL&CO één van de beste merken is voor huidverzorging

There are brands that try to do everything right. Who have a vision and live it with passion. You notice it when you hold the product in your hands, use it and experience it when you see the ingredients list. You can almost smell the craft. We are always looking for such brands and we have a number of them in our range. SA.AL&CO is one of them. We want our customers to experience the best products on the market and that is why we want to bring this brand to your attention. It is really something different from the products you are used to.

Maybe you've seen it pass by or even bought it. Many people first recognize it by its oddly spelled name. But most will recognize it by the beautifully designed packaging of brushed aluminum. What makes this brand so special? And where does it come from. We would like to tell you more about that.

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The story behind SA.AL&CO

It all started with Istvan Laszloffy who started his career in finance but was anything but happy about it. He had a secret desire to build something himself. When he started working in Budapest at a family business that makes shoes and gloves, he was inspired by what it means to make really beautiful products. Together with the emerging market for real craftsmanship and his interest in skin care for men, he came up with the idea for a skin care brand. He joined forces with his best friend Michael Sarnitz and settled in Vienna, Austria. This is where SA.AL&CO originated, which consists of the initials of the surnames of both friends. CO in this case stands for friends, family and employees who have all contributed.

The idea behind SA.AL&CO is to offer a refined alternative to the standard skin products on the market. Only focus on quality and reliability of the product for every man, combined with a modern and masculine look.

The indisputable quality of the ingredients

What sets the products apart are the ingredients. All products are based on Alpine spring water from Tyrol. All products are also certified as natural and even vegan. The packaging is made of 99% recycled material.

Then we haven't talked about the concentration yet. Where other brands only put a small concentration of active substances in their products, SA.AL&CO does this really differently. The products are very potent but never aggressive. Thanks to the use of a consistent blend of essential oils, all products have the same subtle and fresh scent.

The standard is quite high at SA.AL&CO. This is also evident from the small batches they make. The products are never made in large numbers, but always in small batches to keep the quality as high as possible.

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The industrial and modern look

The packaging and appearance of the products must of course suit the modern man, but also the very premium quality of the products themselves. The design of the products is elegant, tough and chic.

The packaging is made of rugged and brushed aluminum. Incredibly sturdy, masculine and a jewel in every bathroom. The recycled aluminum protects the products well and allows ingredients to retain their quality for longer.

For example, the batch number is also stated on every package, so that you, as a customer, always know that you have a recent product in your hands. In our warehouse, these products stand out among all the plastic jars. We think it's very cool!

Our favorite products from SA.AL&CO

One of the nicest things about our work is of course trying different products. For us, the products of SA.AL&CO were something special. It has held up well. It's hard to stand out these days with so much choice.

But if you put so much dedication and care into your work, you will see it reflected in the result. Of the entire range, there are a few products that we like the most.

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SA.AL&CO Intense Moisturizer

Ever suffer from dry or dull skin? This is the product you should use. Obviously you will no longer have dry skin, but it actually makes your skin smooth and tight.

There is a large concentration of hyaluronic acid in the product, a building block to keep our body flexible and moisture-rich. It binds to the water in our skin and retains it. It also occurs in our own body and has a great restorative capacity.

A product that we still use and that does much more than the average moisturizing cream.

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SA.AL&CO Hand Wash

A brave action to develop a hand soap . Something you wouldn't easily look for in men. That is why we find this Hand Wash extra suitable. The strong aluminum bottle is sturdy on your countertop or bathroom furniture, ready to be used. We love the mix between the cleansing and soothing.

You can wash your hands five times a day, but you won't get dry hands quickly because it contains nourishing ingredients. At the moment we even give a 50% discount on this Hand Wash.

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SA.AL&CO Light Moisturizer & Aftershave Balm

Also a moisturizer but different. As far as we're concerned, this product fills the gap between aftershave balms and moisturizing creams. It's pretty crazy, an aftershave balm softens the skin after shaving but doesn't actively moisturize the skin for the rest of the day. And many moisturizing creams don't soften and soothe enough.

The Light Moisturizer & After Shave Balm is the perfect combination for men looking for a light moisturizing cream and something for after shaving. Ingredients such as Shea butter, Zinc PCA, Cocoa Butter and Aloe Vera soothe the skin after an intensive shave and moisturize the skin enough during the rest of the day. A real winner for us!

No hassle with SA.AL&CO

At SA.AL&CO, the product speaks for itself. They do not engage in all kinds of commercial actions and have no secret formula. They are transparent and simply make their products really well. A real no nonsense brand. We can really appreciate that. You also do not have to follow a different routine for your external care with the products. You can use each product the way you want to use it. Easy and fast.

It has only been around since 2014, but has already left quite a footprint in the world of grooming for men. If this becomes the new standard, many other brands can still get to work.