Review: Firsthand Styling Clay

Review: Firsthand Styling Clay

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We are back with blogs! It took a while, so we have selected a unique product to tell about: the Firsthand Supply Texturizing Clay ! We hope to inform you through these blogs about the latest brands, hair products, shaving products, creams and much more!

First-hand supply 

Firsthand Supply was founded in 2016 after the makers encountered a problem. They were looking for a natural pomade with a good hold. That was not so easy. They found that many natural pomades don't have the hold they were looking for and the ones with good hold were full of ingredients they couldn't even pronounce the name of. They wanted nothing to do with that.

Because their search did not yield the desired results, they started developing a pomade themselves. It all started in a small apartment in Beverly, Massachusetts.

The guys at Firsthand Supply spent a year making the perfect pomade. The result was a success. They had achieved their goal. The pomade had the desired hold, it was made from only natural ingredients and without the help of machines. Then they asked themselves: ''what else can we do?''. For example, Firsthand Supply has become bigger than they expected. They now sell clay, fragrances, beard oils, soaps, lip balms and even candles, all made from only natural ingredients!

In addition, we also have to say something about the unique appearance of the products. All products, from the pomade to the lip balm, have a hipster look and are made from recycled plastic.

Firsthand Supply Styling Clay

In this blog we look at the water-based Styling Clay from Firsthand Supply. Just like the pomade, the clay is a valued product in the world of hair products and is suitable for all hair types.

The clay is lightweight and packed with healthy, nourishing ingredients. The big difference between the pomade and the clay is that the clay provides a natural look and does not give a greasy feeling. The clay is a bit more difficult to get out of the jar than the pomade, but it still gives you the feeling that you have nothing in your hair, but it still provides firmness. Ideal for a relaxed hair style!

It has a slightly sweet scent and is a combination of citrus, amber and vanilla.

The pot of the clay is made of recycled plastic and has a warm, dark red color. The label is off-white, minimalistic and printed with black letters. The lid, made of tin, is black and has an off-white sticker on top. It bears the Firsthand Supply logo.

Our experience

The jar has a classic look without too much text. It's minimalistic and that's an advantage. Less is more. The Firsthand logo is also very beautiful and fits well with the product.

The first impression when you open the jar is the great smell, which is of course not unimportant. The clay pomade smells different than the average clay. The sweet and fruity scent is not too strong, but it lasts all day.

The styling clay is still fairly hard in the jar, but once removed it is easy to distribute and apply between the hands. The clay is easy to apply and quickly reaches its maximum hold. The clay will then become stiff and harder to style, so make sure you put it on properly in one go. The clay gives your hair a nice texture and dries to a matte / natural finish. Quahold, the clay feels quite firm but it does not become a mega hold once it is in the hair (Medium - High hold).

There are no pieces of clay in the hair. Because it is water-based, it is easy to restyle with a pair of slightly damp hands. It can even be used as a pre-styler. For the best result and the highest hold, of course, use a hair dryer and apply it to dry hair.

Because the clay is water-based, you can also easily wash it out of the hair.

The disadvantage is that the clay can become dry, because it is made from only natural ingredients. With most clays, drying out is prevented by certain unnatural means. However, if you notice that the clay is getting too dry, you can easily prevent this by adding a few drops of water and leaving it overnight.

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Are you interested in a similar hair product, but with more shine? Then the water-based Firsthand Supply Pomade might be something for you.

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