Does alum work as a deodorant?

Werkt aluin als deodorant?

Look, we can be brief about this. The answer is yes. But many people do not know what alum is and what the wonderful effect of this stone is. Where you spontaneously get a headache with cheap deodorants from the supermarket, fortunately there are also other options that you can explore. That is why we introduce you today to the use of alum as a deodorant.

What is Alum?

Before we move on to the nice properties that alum brings with it as a deodorant, it is important to know what alum is in the first place.

Alum is a mineral stone that is mined in the mountains of Asia Minor. The stone brings many good qualities, created by Mother Earth.

Alum stone is colorless and odorless. Sounds crazy. “Deodorant should contain fragrance to mask the sweat, right?” Hold on, we're going to explain this in a bit. Alum has a special effect. The mineral stone is disinfectant and styptic. Because alum is astringent, it is often used after shaving. Just touch the wound with alum and the bleeding will stop immediately. This is therefore the most famous version of the use of alum stone. Alum as a deodorant is less known, but certainly no less genius.

How does alum work as a deodorant?

It is useful to know where that sweat smell actually comes from. Sweat is not what stinks. No, the waste products of the bacteria on your skin are the culprits. When these bacteria are in your armpits, they are therefore in a warm and brooding place. A party for those wastes. That is where the well-known sweaty smell is created.

Alum is a natural deodorant and lowers the PH value of your skin. The bacteria therefore have virtually no chance to develop and spread. The sweat drops from your armpit will therefore not stink. This odorless mineral stone ensures that you do not have to add any extra fragrance at all. It removes the bad odors.

Benefits of alum deodorant

Okay, buckle up. There are quite a few advantages to this fine mineral stone. We're going to tell them to you.

Long lasting effect

Most deodorants mask the sweat smell by simply throwing another air at it. Over time, of course, this will fade. Alum deodorant works differently, which makes it difficult for the bacteria to spread, so that alum works much longer. How long exactly? That really differs per person and per sweat production.

Cheap and durable

Just touching your armpits goes a long way. An alum stone therefore lasts a very long time, which of course also makes it a lot cheaper to use!

No skin irritations

It is not for nothing that alum is the panacea among smooth shavers. It evens out blood. This is due to the astringent effect of the alum stone on the skin. This of course works the same with sweat and therefore the skin will not be irritated by alum stone.

Environmentally friendly and 100% natural

The alum stone was made by mother earth and that is of course a nice idea. The processing process is also natural, so you will certainly not encounter any chemical substances. In addition to the environment, you also make your armpits happy.

No stains in your clothes

Because alum is odorless and colorless, it will not stain your clothing. Alum is completely soluble in water. So those annoying yellow spots in your new white t-shirt are a thing of the past.

Your skin can continue to breathe

Those drug store deodorants provide a thick layer of chemical junk under your armpits. The result is that your skin can no longer breathe and becomes clogged. Alum stone does not provide that layer, which allows your skin to breathe. The pores remain open in a natural way, without bad odors coming out. Much healthier! Unwanted skin reactions are therefore certainly not applicable here.

How do you use alum as a deodorant?

After you have read all those nice things about alum stone, we hope that you are already a bit converted. But then the question remains: "how do you use alum deodorant?" We are going to tell you, it is quite simple. Alum stone is available as a stone, stick and match. The usage is the same in every form. Rub the stone (or stick, or match) under your armpit. Let it dry for a while and you're good to go. Child can do laundry.

Is alum deodorant right for you?

Anyone can use alum as a deodorant. There is no specific smell, works well against irritations, is good for the environment and good for every wallet. The conclusion is actually simple: alum is suitable for everyone.

We hope that you are now eager to get that fine mineral block into your home. In that case, take a look around our webshop. Ordered before 21:00, delivered the next working day. Can you try it right away.

If you still have questions. Then know that we are always ready to help you. You know where to find us.

Smell good, feel good!

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