Why should you use a night cream as a man?

Waarom zou je als man een nachtcrème moeten gebruiken?

It sounds very sweet. A man on night cream . And that is it. Even a gentleman needs to give the delicate skin TLC. The facial skin that gets a well-deserved treatment before the eyes and the beak close. Now you are really not alone anymore. And, why should it only be reserved for the ladies? Men also deserve a beauty sleep including proud maintenance for the skin. That is why it is now an essential part of the evening ritual at many dudes' homes.

Before going to sleep, preferably massage in a high quality night cream. When you maintain this regime, the skin really reaps the smooth benefits. The night is the perfect time for the body to recharge. Of course also for the facial skin.

What are the benefits of night cream?

A good quality night cream has a number of nice features. The right cream with purifying ingredients ensures that your skin cells degenerate less quickly, which slows down the aging process. A good night cream also ensures excellent hydration of the facial skin.

You can also perfectly cleanse your skin with these creams and get rid of blemishes and other discomforts. It is the perfect maintenance without you noticing it. Let the ingredients slog through your grooves at night.

Do men have different skin than women?

Of course, as a man you can dig into the jars of the ladies' cream, but men's skin is substantially different from that of women. The armor of the man is namely 15 to 20% thicker, but often also has more to endure.

The fact that men's skin generally suffers more is also due to our type of work, for example. In construction, in salt water, at the factory or, for example, in the (countryside) country.

Or just take shaving (every day). You can also damage the epidermis with that. And if you also consume direct sunlight after shaving, in the summer, it can be harmful because the pores are still open.

The skin of men is also different because we have more sebaceous glands and partly because of this beat the ladies in the number of (coarser) pores.

The disadvantage is that we also produce more (up to 2x as much) sebum than the ladies. Unfortunately, the men's skin is more susceptible to those nasty acne or other irregularities.

Are men more likely to get wrinkles and older skin than women?

According to various studies, it has been found that men's skin is thicker due to higher collagen production. This substance is actually a protein that occurs in the skin, bones, teeth and tissue of humans. Collagen has the property of keeping the skin elastic and supple. In men, the production of collagen is higher up to the age of 50 than in women. Hence the thicker skin in men.

However, the production of collagen deteriorates rapidly after your 50th birthday. The skin becomes rougher, (deep) wrinkle formation continues and the growth of the bags under the eyes, due to an increasingly thin skin, also starts.

Wrinkles are really not reserved for women alone. Only in women does the production of collagen last longer so that wrinkles appear less quickly.

Does a certain lifestyle also have an impact on men's skin?

A stress-free lifestyle has a positive impact on the skin. However, most men like a slightly rougher lifestyle. For example, smoking. If something affects the skin...

The skin also has trouble when you go to bed too late structurally. Not enough sleep. A healthy lifestyle, sufficient sport and exercise, 1.5 liters of water per day and lots of fruit and vegetables work wonders. In addition, a good night cream is the perfect support for the care of the skin. That is why we have listed a number of quality products for you.

GROWN ALCHEMIST Regenerating Night Cream

Grown Alchemist – Regenerating Night Cream

This rich, advancedfacial cream from Grown Alchemist is formulated with a powerful blend of various ingredients such as peptides, antioxidants, vitamins, hyaluronic acid and essential omega fatty acids that restore skin elasticity, significantly reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This cream also stimulates the hydration of the skin, softens the skin and transforms the skin texture so that it looks younger

THE GRAY Overnight Sleeping Mask

The Gray – Overnight Sleeping Mask

The overnight sleeping mask from The Gray is a multi-functional face mask that helps to hydrate, soothe and brighten stressed skin. The face mask has a fine gel structure and gives the skin good hydration, giving the skin a beautiful, radiant glow. This mask has a 24-hour formula that maintains the moisture balance of the skin throughout the day and accelerates the recovery of the skin, reducing premature signs of skin aging.

TRIUMPH & DISASTER Dark Moon Hydrating Cream

Triumph & Disaster - Dark Moon Hydrating Cream

The Dark Moon Hydrating Cream from Triumph & Disaster is the night cream for men's facial care. The cream represents the concept of reflection & recovery and is designed to work with the natural rhythm of our body.

The cream is enriched with ingredients such as kakadu plum, swamp maple and rosemary. These are rich in Vitamin C. They also help improve collagen production. The cream provides the skin with exceptional hydration and is rich in morase maple, proven pro-collagen and pro-elastin properties that result in beautiful, younger-looking skin.

The cream is formulated according to the latest scientific research, but also the knowledge and philosophy of Triumph & Disaster to create the best for your skin. The science used is clinically proven. All ingredients are sustainable and traceable.

Gentlemen: try one of those. Don't hold back!

Good luck!

Your friends, The Alpha Men.