Why you should use a body scrub

Waarom jij een bodyscrub moet gebruiken

A radiant skin, without imperfections and a beautiful brown glow in the summer. Something everyone wants. Fortunately, this is something you can get too. Scrubbing is a good way to achieve this. Not enough men are doing it yet. It wouldn't be necessary or it would just make the skin drier. And those are just a few of the commonly heard falsehoods. It is not done enough even among women. While it has so many advantages.

So let us explain to you why you too can benefit so much from exfoliating your body. We explain what it does, what the benefits are and which scrub you can use.

What's the point of scrubbing?

It all starts with our skin cells. These are renewed throughout the day. You lose about 30,000 skin cells every minute. So you literally get a new skin. All those dead skin cells remain behind and do not all fall off the skin by themselves. This makes your skin look dull and can clog your pores. Your living skin is also less able to absorb nutrients that come from outside. A scrub scrapes all those dead skin cells from the skin, making your skin smooth and shiny again. Actually a very simple but effective principle that has been used for centuries.

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The benefits of a body scrub

Tan faster and longer with a body scrub

Yes really. Many people think that a scrub removes the brown color, but nothing could be further from the truth. It ensures that your skin gets a much nicer tan and even stays tan longer. The pigment cells are produced in the lower skin layer. A body scrub removes the top layer of the skin and this ensures that the pigment in the bottom layer comes into its own. Because your skin can now better absorb nutrients, you will also be able to enjoy that beautiful tan for longer.

Less acne

By exfoliating, your pores will clog less quickly because you remove dead skin cells. This way you significantly reduce the risk of acne . Do not use a scrub if you currently suffer from acne. The granules can destroy it and cause wounds and scars.

A body scrub can prevent ingrown hairs

Often, ingrown hairs cannot get through the skin because they are blocked by a buildup of dead skin cells. With a body scrub you remove these dead skin cells and hair has free rein again.

A body scrub helps against dry skin

It is often thought that exfoliating only makes the skin drier. When you exfoliate, you remove dead skin cells, revealing healthy and living skin, making it much easier to absorb these nutrients. Exfoliating too often will of course have no beneficial effect. But especially when you suffer from dry skin, exfoliating makes a lot of sense. Dry skin consists of an accumulation of dead skin cells that you sometimes see as flakes.

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How often should men exfoliate?

That depends a bit on the type of skin you have. Any day we would not recommend to anyone. For normal to oily skin, 1-2 times a week is sufficient. Do you have sensitive skin? Don't do it more than once a month. When you go on vacation and plan to tan, make sure you exfoliate at least the day before and not right before you get into a tan.

How to use a body scrub as a man

It is often asked how men should use a body scrub. This is no different from women. You can use a body scrub as follows:

  • Moisten your skin. The easiest is to exfoliate while showering
  • Scrub yourself with circular movements. Start at the bottom of the body and work your way up. Do it gently or you will damage your skin.
  • When you're done, you can rinse it off with just water.

Use a body lotion after exfoliating

Lubricate yourself with a nice body lotion after exfoliating. This way you prevent your skin from feeling tight and you immediately nourish that new skin that emerges for the best effect. Your skin will immediately feel wonderful and will look radiant.