Face scrub for men: How and why do you use a scrub?

Gezichtsscrub voor mannen: Hoe en waarom gebruik je een scrub?

Men, we are on the rise. The idea that it's weird for a man to be involved in skincare is over and over. And we are quite happy about that, because our skin is important. It is our business card, the basis of your face and it lasts all your life. So take good care of it! One of the products that can help you with this is facial scrub for men . Let's dive into the depths to find out what this beautiful product can do for you.

What is a facial scrub for men?

We start with the basics. With a facial scrub you can exfoliate your face, as you expected. Scrubbing is when you scrape dead skin cells off your skin with a gritty product. Those grains sometimes differ. Sugar, salt, ground nuts, sheabutter globules, etc. are often used. As long as it's good for your skin.

In fact, you scrape a light layer off your skin and it is rebuilt in a healthy way. Sounds very lurid, but it's anything but that. Human skin is constantly renewing itself. Old cells cause impurities, bacteria and other unwanted complaints. The solution to this is therefore to scrub away those dead skin cells.

Why a facial scrub for men?

Men have different skin than women. Men's skin can be up to 20% thicker than that of women and therefore requires a different approach. Unfortunately, we still see a lot more men than women in many jobs, such as construction, metal sector, defense, etc. In these types of jobs you see a lot of harsh conditions that do not do the skin any good. Dust, sunlight, mud, sweat. Everything affects your skin. Precisely because of this, the skin should be scrubbed and cared for just as well in time.

Facial scrub by skin type

Before you can look for the best facial scrub, you really need to know what your skin type is. To find out, you can take the following test:

  1. When you have cleaned your face well and have waited 10 minutes, we recommend that you take a paper tissue and press it tightly against your forehead.
  2. If the paper stays clean and is not greasy, you have normal skin. You have small pores and firm skin with sufficient elasticity.
  3. Are there greasy spots on the cloth and do your cheeks and nose have a mild shine? Then your skin is oily.
  4. Does nothing happen to the paper, but does your skin feel tight and sensitive and are flakes visible? Then your skin is too dry.

Of course it is possible that you cannot recognize yourself in the above skin types. It is also possible that you have aging skin and are looking for a suitable face cream for this. You can also filter your care product here.

Three layers of skin

Your skin is your largest organ and has an extremely important function. Your skin protects you against heat, cold, bacteria, viruses and harmful rays from the sun. This is all done so that your organs will not suffer from this.

When something isn't right, your skin will tell you. Acne, rash, sun allergy, eczema, you name it. Conclusion? Have respect for your skin, because it does quite a bit for you!

To go a little deeper (no pun intended) into your skin, you should know that your skin consists of three layers. The epidermis, dermis and subdermis.


Easier said: the epidermis. This is the part of the skin that you can see from the outside. The epidermis also consists of two parts, the horny layer and the mucous layer.

The horny layer provides strength and protection from the outside. The horny layer is thicker in some places such as the soles of your feet and hands (hence the formation of calluses). The second layer is the slime layer. New cells are produced here. This is a process that only stops when you die, and will therefore continue throughout your life. Go slime layer!


The dermis. A large construction of connective tissue in which everything can be found. Blood vessels, lymphatic vessels, nerves and sebaceous glands. An important layer of your skin that provides elasticity and firmness. This dermis provides the defense of your skin and will quickly detect bacteria and viruses and try to ward them off.


Also known as the subcutaneous connective tissue. This last and lowest layer of the skin protects the organs and separates the skin from the muscles and tendons. The subdermis consists of (mainly) blood vessels and fat. Fat provides a piece of insulation and as stored energy. The skin is a lot smarter than it looks!

Exfoliating will mainly affect the top layer of skin, but in some cases goes even deeper. Pay special attention to this when you look at the product itself.

How do you exfoliate the skin?

Okay, now we know a lot about the skin, the skin layers, your skin type and the reasons why you should exfoliate your face. Now it's time to discuss how you should exfoliate your face in the first place. Of course we won't leave you out in the cold and have made a step-by-step plan for you.

  1. Make your skin warm and wet (if your skin is wet, the grain will not be too intense for your skin) with a warm towel or take a warm shower / bath beforehand. The heat opens your pores and this ensures the best result
  2. Apply the scrub to your face
  3. Now rub the scrub into your face in a circular motion. Don't put too much pressure!
  4. Don't forget your nose and forehead, this is where most clogged pores and dead skin cells are located
  5. Scrub your face in a circular motion for about half a minute
  6. Let the scrub soak in for a while. Your specific product often states how long is recommended
  7. Rinse the scrub with water
  8. Don't scrub too often! More than twice a week is not recommended

The benefits of facial scrub

We're almost there guys! Just a little while and you can start looking for the best match for your face, but before we do that we have listed all the benefits of exfoliating for you.

  • Exfoliating removes dead skin cells, stimulating new cell division
  • Your skin will feel smoother, firmer and softer
  • Impurities can be prevented by exfoliating regularly
  • Care products are better absorbed into your skin
  • Exfoliating regularly will make your tan smoother and easier
  • Exfoliating prevents razor bumps and ingrown hairs
  • You give a boost to the blood flow of your skin
  • You ensure that the three layers of the skin can best do their job!

Our favourites

Of course we also sell face scrub for men! There are several scrubs that we are fans of, but we have made our absolute top 3 for you. Fine ingredients, good effect and from high-quality brands that we trust.

Doers of London Hydrating Face Scrub

1. Doers Of London - Hydrating Face Scrub

This scrub is everything a scrub should be. A unique cream formula that polishes, enzymatically exfoliates the skin while nourishing and protecting. Its detoxifying effect counteracts pimples, enlarged pores and hyperpigmentation. A one-step face reboot for smooth, radiant and renewed skin. Natural, vegan and just great.

Baxter Of California Facial Scrub

2. Baxter Of California - Facial Scrub

A cleansing scrub for the face with corn flour, walnut shell flour and chamomile. The scrub gently removes impurities, dead skin cells and other dirt and sebum that has accumulated on the skin and in the pores. This thorough cleaning stimulates the production of new skin cells, resulting in soft and fresh skin. Use this scrub two to three times a week and the skin will visibly improve.

Recipe For Men Facial Scrub

3. Recipe For Men - Facial Scrub

This invigorating facial scrub is enriched with rounded exfoliating microspheres that help remove dead skin cells and dull build-up on the skin. This results in a super clean, renewed radiant and smooth face. This Facial Scrub for men is free from parabens and made from a 100% vegan formulation.

If you still have questions, we will try to help you in your search for the perfect face scrub for men. You know where to find us.

Good luck!

Your friends, The Alpha Men