The best natural deodorants that do work

De beste natuurlijke deodorants die wel werken

A natural deodorant , what is that for, I hear you think. Maybe you have sensitive skin, you want to save the planet or you find everything natural better. Everything is possible. There are plenty of reasons to think of using a natural care product. Every man has gone through a phase where he tries to find a deodorant that actually works. We've all been teenagers and we've all tried that one brand that makes all women run at you. That didn't really work. In the end, we find a deodorant that gives us the confidence to lift our arms higher than a 90-degree angle in female company.

Trust me there are better alternatives. Before moving on to the best natural deodorants, it might be helpful to explain how a deodorant works. This makes it easier for you to make a conscious choice for a certain deodorant.

Why does sweat create a bad smell?

When our body needs to lose heat, we sweat. We do that all over the body. Yet we often only smell this under the armpits. That's because our body has two types of sweat glands. Eccrine sweat glands and apocrine sweat glands. Eccrine sweat glands are distributed all over our body, but especially on our forehead, soles of our feet, and palms of our hands. The sweat from these glands does not create a foul odor. That also explains why we can just sit comfortably together in the sauna.

Apocrine sweat glands are mainly located in places where body hair grows. So also the armpits. This sweat consists of greasy secretions. This sweat is more difficult to evaporate because it heats up nicely under the armpits. This allows bacteria and fats to convert the sebum and sweat into butyric acid, caproic acid and mercaptans. Those are substances that smell very bad. Sweat itself does not smell.

What does a deodorant do?

Now there are two types of deodorant that we can use to combat bad smell. A deodorant and antiperspirant. A deodorant often contains aluminum and zinc compounds that cause a chemical reaction with the smelly substances and therefore smell less. Alcohol is added to kill the bacteria. The deodorant often contains a nice smelling perfume that hides the bad smells. So a deodorant masks bad smells.

An antiperspirant prevents sweating itself. Aluminum or zirconium compounds cause a reaction with the fatty acids on the skin that closes the sweat glands like a plug. So there is a kind of layer on the skin that blocks the sweat. Most deodorants contain a combination of both types.

Why a natural deodorant?

Of course, we're not going to tell you to use a natural deodorant. However, there are a number of advantages compared to using regular deodorant and we would like to give you the best advice.

A natural deodorant without aluminum

You've probably heard the reports that aluminum in deodorants can cause prostate cancer, Alzheimer's disease and breast cancer (like all substances today). Do not panic. Fortunately, this has not been scientifically proven, but for some people enough to immediately stop using it.

What is actually the biggest disadvantage of aluminum for us are stains in the clothing. You have probably had yellow stains in the armpits of your clothes after using a deodorant. This is because of aluminum. Your sweat reacts with the aluminum in your deodorant and causes stains. Furthermore, aluminum can cause irritation, itching and an allergic reaction in some people.


Synthetic preservatives that appear in all kinds of products have not had such a good reputation in recent years. Parabens could poison the organs and mess up the hormonal balance. This, too, has never really been proven. The amount of parabens varies per product.

The best natural deodorants

At The Alpha Men we naturally also like to smell fresh and we have a number of very good deodorants in our range that really work. For example, we have deodorants that are 100% natural, but also deodorants without aluminum, alcohol or parabens.

Salt & Stone All Natural Deodorant

Salt & Stone Natural Deodorants

Salt & Stone is a premium brand that makes products from 100% natural ingredients. The deodorant provides protection for up to 48 hours! It is a stick that allows you to rub a layer on your skin and the sweat can therefore penetrate less well. The high-quality material of the packaging is made of recycled plastic from the ocean. It also immediately hydrates the skin thanks to its new formula with hyaluronic acid that makes it feel comfortable. The deodorants contain a lot of probiotics that give bad odors absolutely no chance. Because you only need a little, the deodorant also lasts a long time. Justifiably one of the most popular deodorants in our range. Available in different scents. The scents Eucalyptus and Vetiver Santal are especially for sensitive skin.

Malin Goetz

Malin+Goetz Deodorants

The deodorants of this brand are rightfully in almost every top list of best natural deodorants on the market. Malin + Goetz deodorants do not contain aluminum, alcohol, baking soda, parabens or synthetic fragrances, so that even the most sensitive armpits embrace this deodorant. The bergamot extracts and probiotics really know how to keep bad odors away and the deodorant also contains a corn starch that absorbs excess moisture so that your armpits become less wet from sweat. Less wet spots under your arms! Glides easily on the skin, does not stain and keeps odors away all day long.

Finally a high five

With these three natural deodorants it is really possible to give high fives without the person opposite you dying. You certainly don't need aluminum or alcohol to smell good. One last tip: if you're currently using an antiperspirant and switching to a natural deodorant, give it time. Your body needs about three weeks to return to normal sweat production due to the antiperspirant. So no rush. We are very curious how you experience one of these deodorants. let us know!