What you can do against inlets and hair loss

Wat jij kan doen tegen inhammen en haaruitval
Do you have or will you suffer from inlets or hair loss and you don't look like Dwayne Johnson or Jason Statham? Then that could be very annoying. It can negatively affect your self-confidence. Especially if you are far from old age. Some men see their foreheads getting bigger at an early age or see a bald spot appear on their head. That is of course reason for every man to run around screaming and then look for a solution. But does that solution exist? We will explain that to you in detail.

Causes of hair loss in men

Inlets are a phenomenon of a receding hairline. Inlets are often the first symptoms of hereditary baldness. Yes men, inlets and hair loss is often hereditary. We call this phenomenon Androgenetic Alopecia. That does not mean that you will go completely bald. For some men, it's just inlets that don't get worse. It is also possible that the inlets come so far back that the entire crown becomes bald. A good gauge is to look at male hair loss in your family. If many men in your family go bald, there is a good chance that you will also experience hair loss.

Iron deficiency

It is possible to suffer from hair loss due to an iron deficiency. This hair loss is only distributed over the entire head and not with, for example, only inlets. You could do a blood test for this. An iron deficiency can be supplemented by eating a lot of animal proteins or using nutritional supplements.


Well, every married man knows that stress is unhealthy, but it can even make hair loss worse. Stress causes an increase in adrenaline in the body. Adrenaline mainly accumulates in the scalp because the blood circulation is not so strong there. Then there is an accumulation in the sebaceous glands and this causes a lot of lactic acid to be produced, which is bad for hair growth.

What to do about hair loss

The fact that those inlets are hereditary does not mean that there is nothing you can do about it. There are several ways to deal with coves. And no we are not talking about a wig.

Minoxidil and Finasteride

Two products that have been scientifically proven against hair loss are Minoxidil and Finasteride. The only downside is that you have to keep using the products otherwise the hair loss will return. These two resources can be used separately or simultaneously. The operation differs per product. With Finasteride, hair loss stops in the majority and some people even regrow some hair. It can be taken by pill once a day.

Minoxidil is applied with a lotion twice a day and can cause some side effects such as dry skin and itching. It is said that using both products at the same time is more effective. This has never been scientifically substantiated. You can buy them at the pharmacy. Finasteride is only available by prescription.

Patrick's products

We now have products from Patricks in our own range. A premium brand that has created a formula that stops future hair loss and makes your hair stronger and fuller again. Read the blog about these products now. Reduce hair loss with patricks products .

Micro hair pigmentation

Sounds like a horrible operation but is a non-surgical treatment where pigmentation is applied to the top layer of skin that camouflages the inlets and mimics the effect of hair stubble.

Hair transplant

A permanent solution could be a hair transplant. This is a more drastic and especially expensive solution. This is only possible when the nature of your hair loss has been fully investigated. A specialist can then investigate the possibilities and which treatment suits you best. First go to the doctor for this.

Hairstyles for men with coves

Coves don't have to mean the end of the world for men. There are even hairstyles that look better on men with inlets. In addition to trying to do something about inlets and hair loss, you could also try a different hairstyle and perhaps learn to accept the inlets. Below are a few hairstyles that go well with men with inlets.

Longer on top

inlets manhair loss men

When you wear the hair a bit longer on top, you can wear it diagonally back or to the side, so that the inlets provide more dynamics, which can be seen at the top of the photos. This way you can also show off your coves with pride and have a more masculine appearance.


hairstyles for men with coves

When you wear your hair more casually, you can cover your inlets. By using products that give your hair more texture and a natural look, you can style a casual look well. As a result, your hair loss will be much less or even not visible at all. Ask your hairdresser for such a look.

More volume in your hair

By giving your hair more volume, hair loss or your inlets will be less visible. Especially if you go for the casual look. there are a number of things to ensure more volume.

Use the hair dryer

By blow-drying your hair you make your hair dry and warm. This gives more volume. This also makes it easier to style your hair. For the most volume, blow-dry your hair against the direction of your hair growth. Then blow dry it back. Always finish with the coldest setting of the hair dryer. Otherwise, the accumulated volume will collapse again.

Don't wash your hair every day

Your hair contains natural oils that give your hair more volume and keep your hair healthy. When you wash your hair every day, these oils are washed out of your hair. Your hair cannot retain its natural volume. So don't wash your hair every day. By the way, do you use a conditioner? Then make sure you don't use a conditioner that contains silicone. This makes your hair quickly appear thin, limp and flat.

Use the right products

If you want to give your hair more volume, it is essential to use the right products. Always use a product with a matte finish and a high hold. These give your hair a lot of volume. It is best to use a clay in dry hair. Some good products for a lot of volume are:

hair loss products

Trent's TH1

The Trents TH1 is a premium Clay that has been specially developed to care for the hair in addition to styling. This clay gives a lot of volume to the hair and has a strong hold. The TH1 contains a blend of conditioning ingredients that we call the "Trents Treatment Compound". This mix consists of 6 extracts, 2 carrier oils and keratin, these ingredients work together and result in the following points:
  • Healthy scalp
  • Less hair loss (DHT Blocking)
  • Stronger hair roots

Buy Morris Motley products

Morris Motley Matte Styling Balm

The absolute top product in the field of hair styling. The Matte Styling Balm is a 100% natural product that gives the hair a lot of volume. The product swells in the hair, which will make your hair look thicker and give it extra volume. The Matte Styling Balm has a very strong hold and makes it very easy to style your hair. Don't be shocked by the price. You only need a little of it. Also available with an even stronger hold as the Strong Matte Styling Balm

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Use a Pre Styler

Before styling your hair with a clay, you can treat your hair with a pre-styler . This can be, for example, a sea salt spray . You spray this in your hair before blow-drying it while it is still slightly damp. Then you blow dry your hair and there will be a lot of volume. And you guessed it, when you then put that clay in your hair, even more thickness and volume are created. A great combination. In addition, a pre-styler protects your hair against the heat of a hair dryer .

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