Tips for fuller and thicker hair

Tips voor voller en dikker haar

Do you no longer have such a nice full and thick head of hair as you used to? Or maybe you never had that at all? Then there are always ways to at least make your hair look fuller than what it looks like now. With the right knowledge and resources, you can make your hair look a lot thicker. A full head of hair not only has to do with how thick the hair really is, but often more with what is done with it.

It may very well be that you see a man on the street with a nice full quiff who in reality does not have a thick full head of hair at all. It's all about a combination of several factors. With the following tips you should at least be able to make your hair a lot fuller.

Healthy living with the right nutrition

To start right away with the most lame tip. Of course anyone can think of that. Yet the way of life has a lot of influence on your hair. Hair needs certain nutrients to gain thickness and shine. For example, stress and alcohol are major causes of thinning hair and premature hair loss. So try to drink in moderation and avoid stress.

Try to get enough moisture so that the scalp does not become dry and your hair does not become lifeless. Try to get a lot of omega 3, vitamins A, D and C and iron. Foods such as salmon, eggs, nuts and legumes contain many of these nutrients.

Be careful with the hair dryer

Yes, a hair dryer can provide extra volume, but it can also damage your hair. Letting your hair dry naturally is best, but it takes a very long time. The heat from the hair dryer can damage the hair, making it look thin and lifeless. So always try to keep enough distance with the hair dryer , don't put it on the hottest setting and use a pre-styler . This protects the hair against heat and can also add more volume. Tip: blow-dry against the direction of hair growth for extra volume.

scrunch hair for more volume and texture


Do not wash hair too often

Washing hair too often makes hair thin and limp. For someone with thin hair, three times a week is enough. Washing every day is really too often. It is best to use a thickening shampoo during washing. For example, use a shampoo from Patricks ; Patrick's SH1 Daily Thickening Shampoo . This contains nutrients that help the hair grow thicker without making the hair heavier. Also, don't forget to use a men's conditioner . These make the hair fuller and keep the hair healthy.

Put the comb or brush away

A comb or brush takes all the volume and texture out of the hair. If you already have little hair, a brush also makes your hair thinner because it pulls hair out of your head. Use your hands to style your hair. Kneading movements provide volume and texture.

Go to the hairdresser regularly

The hairdresser remains your best friend. When you don't go to the hairdresser, your hair ends split, your hair becomes lifeless and looks much thinner. Just pay attention, every time you leave the hairdresser it seems like there is new life in your hair. It suddenly has all the resilience back. Moreover, the hairdresser knows exactly with which haircut you can get the most out of your hair.

thicker hair

Use the right products

Which products you use when styling your hair is actually the most important thing. Use a pre-styler such as a mouse or sea salt spray . These add extra volume and protect the hair from the heat of blow-drying. Forget pomades and gels.

To make your hair look thicker and fuller, always go for a matte product that adds volume and texture. Think of a clay , fiber or matte paste . Make sure your hair is thoroughly dry, add a clay and you will have more volume than ever. Scrunch hair to add extra texture. This makes it look like you have more hair. If necessary, use a styling powder to make your hair look thicker.