Tips to make your hair grow longer

Tips om je haar langer te laten groeien

Almost every man has tried to grow his hair longer. Most of those men give up after a few months anyway. That's a shame because it can really change your appearance and give you an innovative look as a person.

Often men give up because the hair can no longer be styled after a while and it becomes uncomfortable to walk around with a haircut that doesn't sit well. It takes some patience and perseverance to get beautiful long locks. With the right approach, it doesn't have to be such an agony at all.

Look at what suits you

The most common problem with men who want to grow their hair longer is that they don't know what they are getting into. They wake up one day and decide to grow their hair. Often without a particular model in mind. They see a model in a magazine, a friend with long hair, or an actor who looks great with long hair. There is no thought at all about what kind of head that friend or actor has and what kind of hairline. This determines whether that coupe is with you or whether it is possible at all.

Maybe you have inlets and can't get that full look at all. Or it looks completely different from what you had in mind. It is also possible that the look you want does not suit the shape of your face at all. So always look at the shape of your face and how your hair is in advance. When you have a certain cut in mind, you also know what you have to work towards and you can discuss this with your hairdresser.

go to the hairdresser regularly

Go to the hairdresser regularly

This sounds a bit crazy and many men do not go to the hairdresser at all when they want to grow their hair. This is also the biggest cause of a wild unsightly head of hair on your head.

You will still have to go to the hairdresser so that your hair keeps a certain model and so that you can still get your hair in shape. For example, the sides can be made shorter and longer on top. Often you can always let the sides grow later. So you really don't have to have an ugly haircut in that intermediate phase. You have to guide the growth of the hair so that it grows to a certain model. Going to the hairdresser also prevents split ends, which keeps it looking well-groomed.

Use the right products

When the hair is longer you will have to use different products than when you have short hair. You can leave the clay pots closed. Lighter products are used for longer hair. In general, the best products for longer hair are cream and paste . Depending on how thick your hair is of course. If you have thicker and stiffer hair, a cream is the better option.

A paste is slightly thicker and gives more texture than a cream and offers a little more hold. Suitable for men with thinner hair. A cream offers a little bit of control, but is mainly intended to let your hair fall in a certain direction and give it a little shine. If you want a rougher or more summery look, go for a sea salt spray .

take care of her differently

Take care of your hair differently

Use a gentle shampoo that doesn't contain too many chemicals. It is best to just use a shampoo with only natural ingredients; for example, choose Doers of London , Doers of London Shampoo is a shampoo of purely natural ingredients. Also, don't use shampoo every day. We do not recommend this with short hair, but certainly not with long hair. What you should do every day is use a conditioner . It ensures that your hair remains strong and soft. It provides your hair with vitamins and other nourishing ingredients.

So wash once or twice a week with a shampoo and daily with a conditioner. Always use a conditioner after shampooing, otherwise the shampoo will wash away the oils from the conditioner. Is your hair very dry? Use a hair mask or leave-in conditioner to give your hair extra nourishment.

Brush your hair a few times a week so that the oils in your hair are distributed as well. It also prevents tangles in the hair and split ends. The oils that your scalp produces itself reach all parts of the hair.

Styling long hair

Have you never had long hair? Then it's not surprising that you have no idea how to style your hair. We explain in a few steps how you could do it.

  1. Dry your hair with a towel after showering/washing. Leave it still slightly moist.
  2. Do you want texture? Add some sea salt spray. Knead the hair so that the sea salt spray is well distributed and texture is created.
  3. You can now add some cream whenever you want. Take a fingertip cream and rub it between palms. Divide well through the hair.
  4. Blow dry the hair when you want a little more hold and texture. For a more natural look, you can leave it alone.
  5. Does your hair get frizzy and dry during the day? Then add some hair oil after styling.