Wash your hair, how often?

Je haren wassen, hoe vaak?

Your hair itself can withstand a wash and does not cause irritation, your hair can only feel a bit dry and stiff when washing too often. Your scalp, on the other hand, reacts strongly to washing too often and to bad shampoos.

Just like the rest of your body, the scalp is protected with a thin layer of sebum. This sebum protects your scalp from drying out and ensures that your scalp stays hydrated. When washing too often, this sebum layer is removed from your scalp and your scalp is no longer protected. This, together with the drying effect of the shampoo, ensures that your scalp becomes too dry.

A dry scalp causes dandruff, which is really nothing more than the flaking of your scalp. In addition to dandruff, the scalp becomes sensitive and irritations arise. This, in combination with bad hair products and frequent washing, is at some point the end and you just can't get rid of that irritated scalp.

How often should I wash my hair?

Every two days is the answer to this. Wash your hair every two days with a good quality shampoo and you will see that irritations and dandruff disappear. Most shampoos that you can get in the local supermarket do not do much more than degrease and make your hair smell nice, so ignore these products and switch to a good shampoo. These shampoos are often slightly more expensive than a normal shampoo, but you don't have to wash your hair as often and take care of your scalp. Below you will find our selection of good shampoos from American Crew and Uppercut Deluxe :

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Hair care after washing

Your hair can feel dry and stiff after washing, so try to use a conditioner or a good hair oil after washing. These nourish your hair and scalp and keep them in good condition.

Wash your hair if you have dandruff

If you currently suffer from dandruff, leave that anti-dandruff shampoo. Use a good shampoo and wash your hair no more than twice a week. I can guarantee that your dandruff will be considerably less and your scalp will feel healthy again. Dandruff is a result of a scalp that is too dry. By reducing the frequency of washing, your scalp has time to recover and provide your skin with that important protective sebum layer.

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